Choose Not To Resist Question

On page 99 of the core rule book, when discussing magical items with linked trigger effects, the book states: "If a linked trigger effect is resisted, the item will not work, but the wielder can choose not to resist."

My first question is this: is this just an editorial choice? This section comes after page 85, where the idea of parma suppression is introduced, which makes me believe this 'choose not to resist' is separate from dropping parma to allow the magic to take affect, otherwise why does the book choose to not reiterate that mages may drop their parma?

This leads me to believe that anyone can 'choose not to resist' magic, even if their source of resistance is innate, from the likes of might or True Faith or the like. However, I can find no reference to support this, what mechanics that would be involved, (can the target choose to 'open' their parma to a caster? a specific spell? do they need knowledge of the spell being cast at them? is there a moment of time where they feel the magic and can invite it through?), or is this an intrinsic feature only available to magical items that I am reading way too much into?

Honestly I think you are overthinking it.

I always assumed it as a reminder that magi can lower their parma to have an item cast a spell on them. It is relevant to bring up because players may need a reminder that they dont need to put infinite penetration in an item if they want to use it to cast spells on themselves.