Christianity and the Covenant?

So, given the ubiquity of the Church, even in Mythic Europe, how many of your characters covenants cater to the needs of Christian worship? Dont most covenfolk andCompanions all want to attend Mass on Sundays (unless they have weird outsider flaws or heresies, as atheism isnt an option in the mediavael mindset) , even if the Magi can take it or leave it? Do most covenants (the size of a small village, isolated place) need a parish priest of some type to uphold the sacraments?

And does an itinirent friar-in-residence who preaches the gospel every Sunday and hears confession in your covenant - does he create a Dominion aura of 1 for the duration of the service? Do many covenants build small chapels to cater to this religous need?


Well, in sagas I've run the covenant stood near to a village (the village itself being part of the covenant property and a source of food and income). The village had a church and a parish priest, though usually one sympathetic to the covenant. Covenfolk, and magi, would attend religious services at the village church.

In one saga we also had a resident confessor, a one handed, loudmouthed, somewhat drunken priest (he was a grog). We did rule that his little chapel developed a slight Divine aura but it didn't expand enough to interfer with the magi's labs.

As my players chose the Meddlesome Saint option during Covenant creation ,
one instance so far of miraculous healing of lepers and the afflicted on the Saints Holy Day
has led to a small but regular increase in pilgrimage to the area.
All the unafflicted who attended that service received minor blessings of various kinds ,
+03 to craft rolls dedicated to God , +03 to communication rolls for those preaching the word of god ,
a number of small and mostly unobserved things.
So , definite catering to the needs of Christian worship.

Personally , i would say yes.
I'm sure that official answers will be had from The Church ,
but the more qualified line authors may answer this better than myself before then.

Yes , they would , but he may not reside there.
When i was an altar boy (back in the dark ages) , we travelled with the parish priest to small country towns for sunday mass.

RoP:The Divine , page 09 , Who has the Dominion

page 10 , Dominion Power Examples

Rural area: 01
Town or fortification: 02
City: 03
Consecrated Ground: 03-05
Small Church: 04
Large Church or Cathedral: 05
Site of pilgrimage or veneration: 04-08
St Peter's Basilica , etc: 05-10

You need to have a Dominion Rite (page 11) performed to create a permanent aura.
If you dont have the book , i can type in some more info later.

Subject to the your saga may vary consideration.
If there was no chapel already there they might have one built.
Gifted magi will be suspect for doing so , due to the nature of the Gift.
If travel is not too onerous they could let residents travel to the nearest town or village for services instead.

In our Saga the Covenant stands in a forest near a village with a church and a parish priest. The Grogs and some Companions used to attend religious services, although the priest wasn't at all friendly towards Magi.

One of the Companions being a former parish priest (now the scribe of the Covenant), and one of the Magi being quite pious, we decided to build a small chapel outside the walls of the Covenant (and therefore outside the Magical Aura and the Aegis) to avoid any interferences. Such a chapel has a Divine Aura of 1 (but could grow further).

The chapel is attended by those within the Covenant who are Christians, that is all the Grogs, some Companions, and one Magi.