Christmas in Barcelona (Winter 1234)

Vibria doesn't notice anything. Lucia might notice but may not understand or think it significant. Alejandro understands, and thinks these two will wind up becoming drinking buddies or getting into a boxing match (maybe both).

Someone protested Carmen's use of Second Sight. I did not add that, it was the result of the Tales of Asguard and Ryu's idea. However, I don't like it and think it is too much gravy and I think she tanked that adventure anyway and deserves no reward.
So I am yanking that. As an alternate way to introduce this McGuffin, I will say that this ghost managed to make a momentary flickering apparition to catch our attention.

Magdalena and Cecile, two grog characters of Rodriguez's that have yet to be statted. One of them has Second Sight maybe? And is at the Silver Rooster for some reason related to Cynara's McGuffin.
Somehow someone is available that can spot a ghost cold and call peoples attention to it. I know Solomon has the scores to communicate with it.

Someone might have forced Ludwig to come along. He gets hazard pay as a "shield grog" despite that he doesn't do any shielding, so some of the Masters might think of him for scout duties. He has Second Sight and is pretty good at it.

((Maybe he thinks Vulcanus still thinks maybe he should have given Vibria the benefit of the doubt when he stormed off and called her a whore, and now Ludwig is thinking that if he can catch her with her legs wrapped around some guy's hips he can go "See? See? We told you she was eine große Hure, will you believe us now?"))

Ludwig works too. And if his score is high enough, he can outright speak to the ghost :smiley:
So Retcon, and Ryu give it a Roll...


"Hey, you. Pastyface. Pipe down back there, you're botherin' me."

Finally! Someone that can see and hear me! I have no idea what is going on. Well, I..., I have some ideas but I fear the worst.
My name is Eras Pavo of Jerbiton, a member in good standing of this Covenant of Barcelona. I woke up this morning in my room here, with the most brutal hangover I have ever experienced. I think I'm still a bit drunk even. But everyone seems to be giving me the silent treatment. Or I have been rendered magically invisible and silent. Or, or...
Oh my Lord, God help me...

Ludwig smirks. "The Lord ain't helpin' you, pal, looks like an ornery goblin is all you get."

He turns back to the others. "Oi. There's a ghost here, says he's Jerbiton. Apparently after he shagged that one last night--" Ludwig jerks his thumb at Vibria, "--his log rotted off and he woke up dead."

What?!? No! That's not what happened at all! She's, she's a g...
No! I was at the Gold Gryphon last night, I played a set and was talking with my friend Frederique who owns the place, There were two others, my friend Douglass and his friend Kenneth. And we were drinking this really strong sherry. And from there we decided to go to another bar. I don't remember which. Someone suggested the Brass Bull, someone else said the Pearl Peacock. I don't remember where we went or much of anything after we left, nor how I got back to my room.
Let me test something...
And with that, he passes his phantasmal hand through Odo's body.
Hey! What's going on? That tickles! Who's doing that?
What's this you are saying about a ghost?

[color=red]"What?!" Vibria screams as her face turns the color of maple leaves in the fall. [color=red]"You little...I've never been with Jerbiton in my life! Or any..." She abruptly stops talking and turns away, fists clenched at her side.

Ludwig nods his head vehemently. "Yeah, that's the late Eras Pavo of Jerbiton, latest victim of the Vibria log-rot! Issounds like he mayha been drugged first, afore he snuffed it."

The gobber stares at Vibria's backside, gleefully enjoying her discomfort. "Oh, come on now yer highness, if ye don't turn back 'round, I'll miss the show when ya finally git nekkid infronna all these people."

Lucia steps in front of Ludwig, blocking his view of Vibria's derriere and standing in what can only be described as a ready-for-a-fight posture.

[color=gray]"You leave Vibria alone, you little nub-sucker! She's not a whore! And if you say one more word about her, I'm going to knock your craggedy little teeth right down your throat!"

Vibria spins to stare in shock at Lucia.

Alejandro quickly moves in to grab Lucia by the arm, muttering, [color=brown]"Great...she has to have her maidservant fight her battles for her," in Spanish.

Ludwig leers. "Try it. Maybe if you pick up a few battle scars, Vibria will stop mooning over Vulcanus long enough to look at you twice. And then maybe you can move from emptying her chamberpot up to filling her caverns!"

Lucia tries to escape from Alejandro's grasp, but the soldier (barely) manages to hold on to her before she can launch herself at Ludwig.

[color=gray]"Let go of me, you goon!"

[size=50]sigh...., I hate when I have to do this...[/size]
Now what's this about a ghost? Odo, isn't Eras Pavo one of your own?
Yes, yes he is. Martha! Run upstairs to Pavo's room and tell me what you find!
Sodales, I will need your help. My own magic is not advanced enough to cover this, and I know Farusca has recently acquired a Deficiency in Mentem. Our eldest member, Carles, knows a great deal many spells. But he is off in the Roman Tribunal this season. The old man travels quite a bit as of late.
Or if someone can control this goblin to get an accurate translation and to verify he speaks accurately. You! Ask him to tell us what happened. Is he a ghost? How did he die? How can we tell it is really him? Where is the body?
Eras Pavo rolls his eyes in frustration :unamused:
I can hear him just fine. He can't hear me, and your twisting things around with your lies isn't helping me any!!! And the answer to his questions are as follow: I think so, I don't know, I know what he knows about Franc and Constans and their business deal, and I don't know.
Now tell them what I told you and don't prevaricate!
I need Ludwig to give me a Folk Ken roll.

"Oi, bugger off ye entitled git," Ludwig scowls at the ghost. "I ain't the one what got ya dead, an' I don't owe ya shite, savvy? So don't be gettin' lippy wi' me."
10, or 11 if my specialty of "common folk" applies.

Nothing common about Erus Pavo :wink:
But you suspect that maybe he doesn't like girls.

I caught that already, from the "ewww, girls!" Now, if he'd been straight, his objection would have been "But she's a wh--"