Chthonic Magic and Invocation

So, I'm creating a character, and I'm looking at Chtonic Magic and how it combines with some of the Mysteries. The idea is to make a dark and sinister (although not tainted) Hermetic Summoner. So he has Chthonic Magic and Summoning.
Now I'm thinking that Theurgy from Mysteries (Revised) would be great for this character. One question would be (and I know it doesn't say so in the book) if the score in Chthonic Magic would add to Magic Theory when figuring out how large the bonuses from Names of Power can be, if the Names of Power invoked are for chtonic spirits or demons, that is.

I'm not sure if I get how Invocation Magic works, though. It's a major mystery virtue, and it lets you build up a bonus with the Names of Power spell (which is gained as a seperate virtue), to a maximum of the Magic Theory score. Is this really meant to be a major virtue, that relies on a seperate minor virtue? It seems a bit underpowered compared to other major virtues. Unless I'm misunderstanding something, that is.

Also, with the Names of Power-spell, how do I find out exactly what the scope of the bonus is? It mentiones the Shape and Materials table, but this is a spell. Can someone explain it to me? :slight_smile:



Well, let's say your Name of Power is the Name of Prometheus.
Prometheus is the titan that brought Fire to mankind. In some versions of the Myth, he was also the creator of mankind, as well as the one who taught us agriculture.

Prometheus was also chained to a rock and subjected to having his liver torn out each day by an eagle sent by Zeus.
Presumably the liver grew back each night.

His Name then would aid with Fire (either all Ignem or just CrIg), creation and healing of humans (CrCo ceratinly, possibly wider) and agriculture - which could mean spells to till the fields or The Bountiful Feast.

His Name rather explicitly would not help ward against eagles, but perhaps if you wanted to summon one? :wink:

Basically, sit down with your troupe and decide what each Name does.