Chtonic Secrets: The Magic to Som Ancients Cults

Hi, i've thought some about how replicate the Magic for the ancestors of tremere and Tytallus, adding the Demeter's Cult from Eleusinian Mysteries.
My first ideas are one selection near to the Virgilian Magic, with 5 Arts and 3 Supernatural Abilities. The Supernatural Abilities should be: Magic Sensivity (or maybe Sense Pasions, or Second Sight to the Persephone and Hades magic), Control Fertility (or Vlagaldrar to the Hades/Pluton/Aita/Hermes Psicopompos necromancers) and Defixio, and the Arts should be 2 Difficults Forms and Three Techniques. The Forms i'll call them Aidos and is related to the Cap and the magic Sensivty objectives, the oher should be Pitch Fork (to the Valgaldrar), or scythe or sickle (Control of Fertility), the others Techniques would call them like the parts to the Hades (Mystic place) about work upon the magic.
What do you think?

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Sorry about the pithy answer, but I simply couldn't read what you were trying to say, because it was just a wall of text. :frowning:

Sorry, this was one exploitation/explosion of Inspiration, adding my average english...
I was thinking on write one profile for the Ancient Traditions of Chtonic Cults. Both count with Arts five (with the two Form like Difficult Arts) and three Supernatural Abilities.
Two Cults, one related to Demeter's Eleusinian Mysteries with the Supernatural Ability of Control of Fertility from HoH Societates, and other the original Tradition for Tytallus, Pralix and specially Tremere with Valgaldrar. The others two supernatural Abilities would be Magic Sensivity and Defixio Magic.
The Arts would be Three Techniques, and two Difficult Arts like Forms. Both Forms made reference to the Invisible, and shuld be related to the Magic Sensivity and Ghosts, but the other to the Bodies and Nature and related to the Valgaldrar or the Contorl of fertility, depending upon the Cult. The spells are only Formulaic and near to Ritual spells, but they don't have Spontaneus Magic, only that from the two Abilities.
I've taken ideas from Virgilian Wizards from Rival Magic.
To name the Arts, i'll use the Hades zones to the Techniques, and to the Forms, the name of attrributes from that Gods: Aidos/The invisible, the root to the word Hades and, caus i don't have idea about Greek, the Word of Pitch fork for Pluton's Cult and the Sickle to the Demeter's Cult.
I've forgotten to say that the Cults need two Arcane Abilities, one near to the Magic Theory - Secrets names and other related to Eleusinian Cult and the Plutonic Cult; the first takes the utilitie about Defixio Magic and the Arts, and the other the form and places to undertake rituals, rites and Iniciations.