Circle/Ring vs Boundary/-Existence-

Ave Sodales, I am a new Journeyman of House Ex Miscelanea, Mario de Torrejón.
I have a twice of doubts:
First, in HoH: Societates, the Columbae Ex Miscelanea have a minor Hermetic virtue "Ring/Circle Magic" that make possible use Range Circle for boundarys good determinateds, but ¿That Includes use Ring Duration? ¿¿Is necessary use size modification?
Second, ¿The Ring duration may do effect ever something entry in the Circle?
Thanks respond.

Hello, Mario! I wrote the section about the Columbae, and I am happy to help you with your questions.

  1. It is not necessary to increase the spell level for Size when drawing a Circle. The maga simply draws a bigger circle. If a Columba is marking the edge with symbols instead of drawing a full circle, her spell must be Range: Touch, Duration: Ring.

  2. I'm sorry, but I am not sure I understand your question. Can you ask again in another way? The Ring duration lasts until the ring is broken, or until the target moves out of the ring.

I believe the question is 'does a ring affect something new when it enters the circle, after it has been erected?' ... to which I believe the answer is 'yes'. Though I could be mistaken.

Well, the rules for D:Ring don't say that the target must be inside the ring when the spell is cast, but they do say the spell is broken if the target "moves outside the ring," and that could be read as meaning that if the target is outside the ring to begin with, the spell ends immediately. I think that makes sense, because otherwise it's a very easy way to make effectively permanent spells. For example, create an animal with D: Ring T: Ind, and ensure that the animal does not enter the ring.

But yes, it is possible to set up a Touch/Ring/Circle spell that affects something that is not inside the circle, and this means it doesn't actually do anything until an applicable something enters the targeted area (or tries to enter it, as with a ward designed to keep it away). This is because of the properties of T: Circle; it targets everything on the inside of the circle, even things that move into it after the casting.

First of all, thanks for you two repond.
Second I am from Spain, and i haven´t a really good english.
My Question is first for the example of a Creo Ignem Spell, i weren´t sure if the fire in the Circle still burn, or It would need somthing to blame.
If don´t i ve thought to make a Enchanted item.

You're welcome.

If you design a CrIg spell with R: Voice, D: Ring, T: Ind, the flames would last until the ring is broken or the fire spreads outside of the circle (you probably want to put the ring around a fire pit or something that will keep it contained). You can't use the Columbae Virtue with that, though, because Columbae spells have to use T: Circle, and Creo spells can't be T: Circle.

Amigo, tu ingles es muy mejor que mi espanol. Welcome to the board, and don't worry. The people here are friendly and will always try to help, though you may end up being asked to explain things more sometimes.

A Ring duration fire will burn until the ring is destroyed or until someone tries to take it outside the ring. The latter might be very difficult if it's an unsupported, magical flame.