Circular Devices and T:Circle/D:Ring

I honestly don't think any of those qualify as tracing out the ring. Not as I understand the language anyway.

If you don't think that one can trace out a full circle in the sand by turning a compass 180 degrees (not 360!) around its axis of symmetry... well, there's not much else to be said. I've never thought something so simple could be read so differently by two people, but well, at least it's clearer exactly where we see things differently.

I think I would probably allow them since they don't violate the line length/Rd stipulations and I think this kind of player agency is fun, but would probably draw the line at one round, like if you can find a creative way to draw a 10 pace(or smaller) circumference circle in a round at touch range then more power to you, but any larger just doesnt work.

The difference being between a player being clever and a player trying to violate the target parameters of the magic system

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sigh No, the most conservative reading is not turning the magi into a living compass whose legs are tracing the circle.