City and Guild sneak peek.

The table of contents and introduction chapter have been made available for download on the front page.

Awesome! Thanks F!

That's a heck of a table of contents. I'm looking forward to this.

There was a discussion on the BerkList about why there were no indexes in Ars Magica books (we can't afford them, essentially; indexes are a lot harder than people think). However, tables of contents are very easy to generate automatically, so we are putting fully detailed tables of contents (going down to the lowest header level) in every book from now on.

Not quite the same as an index, but still likely to be very useful.

Good. Very good.

Now I'm hoping you'll then be able to just as easily post the Table of Contents and Introduction chapter with every new Ars product released as a "teaser", just like City & Guild eh?



very likely to be useful!