City & Guild -is it out?

I have seen no review of the book - is it out and in particular, anyone seen it in the UK?

I think that right now, it is in the limbo between being released, and someone here actually having put their greedy hands on it. :confused: That being said, if Erik Tyrell doesn't have it, then it's probably not really out yet. I just hope that, were he to actually have the book, he'll find a minute or two to tell us so. :stuck_out_tongue:

In the UK, you may have to wait some more... :frowning:

John posted that it came in last Friday the first and he intended to start shipping on the 5th (Tuesday). The folks at my local game store (who share a warehouse with Atlas) told me that John gave them Thursday the seventh as an official release date and they were not to sell any before then.

That being said, my local game store did not have any in when I stopped by on Friday.

This sounds like a special assignment for our Great Grand Master.

Your mission, should you chose to accept it.... :wink:

He must, for he is Erik, the Harbinger of New Books to Ars Magicadom.


Having finally got fed up with my FLGS in relation to Ars Magica orders ,
i am ordering direct from Amazon.
My order does not ship before Jan. 02 and will arrive somewhere between the 18th to 30th of January.
It will include Ancient Magic as well as City & Guild.

City & Guild arrived at distributors all over the US on Friday, for immediate sale to retailers. Unless your local store picks up their goods at a very close distributor, this puts the books in the typical store sometime in the coming week.

In the case of the Twin Cities -- I neglected to get their order to them on Friday as planned, because I was distracted with other things. :frowning:

Outside the US, when the books show up depends heavily on overseas shipping times, customs, and other things beyond our control or full knowledge...

Thanks John. I'll keep my fingers crossed for a pre-Christmas arrivalin London but not hold my breath.

So it looks I'll put my hands on it Wednesday, just in time for my return to France. YAY! :smiley:

Of course, that also means I won't be able to get Ancient Magic anytime soon. :angry:

I think the odds of it being in London before Christmas are actually pretty good. Our main UK distributor ordered a healthy amount, and I think their shipping arrangements are relatively speedy. I'd be curious to know when it shows it.

I'll check Playin Games on Friday and let you know if it's there.

Leisuregames has just announced its online availability for Wednesday 14 in its weekly e-mail newsletter. Wow. That was quick, since usually Atlas stuff takes two weeks, not one, to worm their way through the distributor chain from US to UK. I really wonder whether this is due to an higher efficiency of the distribution caused by pre-Christmas, or there's hope Ancient Magic, too, will be quick to cross the pond in early January, and the trend will endure for other future shipments. Are you going to ship Ancient Magic shipments for Europe, too, on January 2, John ? And when can we likely expect the announcements of the next-in-line 2007 ArM stuff ? The current pipeline is practically completed, with Ancient Magic already in warehouse.

I took a late lunch and picked one up.

With five minutes to look it over, I am still quite pleased but I'm acheing for an opportunity to look at how the numbers line up for wonderous items.

Yikes. I think I did that bit. Erik has a knack for shooting mule-sized holes in any mechanics I've created. I hope it stands up to the test.

Matt Ryan


On my way to grab my book today. FNGS gave me a call to say they came in today.


Someone here needs to create a C&G review thread. :smiley:

I picked mine up today, should make a nice evening read.

I still have to wait until the end of January. :cry:

And, so, the blogging project starts:

Today: Dowry negotiations from Shakespeare

That was great Timothy. I'm eager to see what you put up tomorrow.