Clarity on Humiliation used to negate Defenders, Block???11

Acording to the FAQ if you are the attacker and sombody blocks your attack you can humiliate that block, and the original attack would still be good. My question is this, if you are able to have a free follow up shot after playing the "humiliation card" what would happen attacked with The uppercut^2(squared), if you land you are allowed a follow up basic shot. So lets say sombody blocked it, I then played Humiliation on the blocke, which according to the rules when you play a humiliation you get a free follow up shot, so in this situatino you humiliate the block and according to the faq if yo humiliate a block the original attack is still good. Does this mean that i will be able to inflict damage from the original attack as well as the follow up attack for that uppercut squared, and do we also get to do the follow up attack for the humiliation as well. Or do we just get the original attack without the bonus. Ive seen it posted around that the humiliation is suppose to be used to emarres without harmj. But according the FAQ if you use humiliate to cancel a block that the defender plays the original attack is still good.? Im thinking that if you play a humiliation the sequence in its entirity is dead, and the only thing after humiliatino is the free follow up shot. Now when you are defending against an attcker and you use a humiliation it is clear that you are defunkting the sequence from where ever you played the card all cards after that go back to owner. But if you are the attacker and you use it to debunk a block it suppose to negate all cards the defender played. Basicly i need to know in this situation

Attacker leads with Uppercut Squared. defender blocks, attacker humiliates..

Does the defender loose points from the Uppercut ^2, Follow up, and Free shot from the humiliation.

Or does he only loose the points from the Humiliation free shot.

Or does he loose points from the original attack card only, (no follow up shot even if the card calls for one) and the free shot from the humiltion. :smiley:

In your scenario, the defender takes the damage from all three of (a) the uppercut-squared attack, (b) the free follow-up to the uppercut-squared, and (c) the free follow-up to the Humiliation.

When a defense card is countered by Humiliation, the original action and all of its regular consequences take effect as if there had been no defense against them.