closed and open rules? / comparitive rolls?--need help

First question:
The book says that most of the time the GM will ask the players for open rolls, because of the wider range of the results and so on.
When I look back on the rules there is only the arcanowave mutation check that comes up with a closed roll (there was only this check that comes up to my mind :smiley:), are there any more examples for particular situations where closed rolls would make sense?

Second question:
I think in some situations the comparisson between two charcters is necessary (for example in a sprint duell), but the rule book doesn't say anything about that. How can I handle such a situations(open or closed rolls?)???

Please give me first aid!!!

I would say that Neural Stimulator rolls should be closed. Otherwise, ick.

Apart from that, whenever you feel the need to prevent the roll from being too good or too bad. In other words, hardly ever.

As for competitive actions, the system is written so you never really have to have compared rolls. Action Results are on the same scale as Action Values, so simply roll for one and determine success or failure. In those situations, an Outcome of 0 would probably mean a tie.

That should be plenty for PC versus GMC situations. If it's PC vs PC, then you could make a case for both making rolls, then taking the Outcome as the difference.

Thank you for advice, but what do you mean with ''hardly ever'' when you speak about closed rolls?
The book says clear that for a wider range-fun, style or whatever this means-open rolls should be used more than closed ones.
I'm new in this game and try to find the best way to entertain my players, so can you explain why you think that closed rolls are better for the game event?

I think what Queex is saying is that the results of open rolls can be extreme - you can get very high and very low rolls which are appropriate only some of the time. Most of the time you're better off keeping it closed and within a more normal range of results.

OK I think it's clear. Thank you botth!

Actually, I make most rolls open-ended. When you get a 34 against a mook instead of a 20, it's really just a question of the length of the blood smear.

If you don't allow mooks open-ended rolls, then they can wind up never being able to hit the PCs. Mooks should be mostly ineffective rather than totally ineffective.

(As an aside, the FAQ mentions that Fortune dice are closed rather than open.)

I was wondering where that came from... and apparently I've been blissfully ignoring it.

I think I prefer open-ended fortune dice... it encourages players to spend them, particularly on the riskier stunts. And since I've been throwing a lot of fairly-high-AV opponents at them, if they hadn't gotten some sixes on those fortune rolls, I might have killed a bunch of 'em.

Open Fortune works out as about 4 1/2 rather than 3 1/2 on average, although you can get some huge bonuses.

There is a Transformed Mallard schtick in one supplement that makes your Fortune dice open ended, for what it's worth.

And for some reason, that Tranimal type always makes me think:

Even if in game terms they're just as likely to end up in the oven as anyone else.