Collector/printing question

Which 5E books have been reprinted with some detectable change (errata, binding, copyright dates, etc)? I know of:

Core Rulebook
ROP: The Divine
HOH: Mystery Cults
City & Guild
HOH: Societates

Are there others? If so, what were the differences?

Were there any books before 5E to go through multiple printings?



For the Core Rulebook there exist at least two printings.
As I own two of them I can say that the binding is somehow different. I believe that they also have different errata states, but haven't checked that.

For ROP:The Divine there exist two very different versions. As the chapter about Judaism had to be rewritten. You will find a thread about that here in the forum.

For the rest: I don't know.


Ok. Sorry. Just reread your post. My answer don't make any sense ...

Calebais was reprinted with extensive errata corrections while City & Guild, Mystery Cults,and Societates were redone in Soft-Cover.

I think TheHistorian's list is complete, but can't say for sure. Sorry...

I know that more books have been reprinted -- for example, Guardians of the Forests and True Lineages were both reprinted. I don't recall if they had any changes made between printings (might be as small as saying "Second Printing" in the fine print).

If I find time at the office, I'll see if I can get a list together. At a minimum I should be able to remind myself which books were reprinted by running inventory item histories.

I'm pretty sure there were changes in True Lineages - my (second printing) version includes at least some of the errata (possibly all of them, but I haven't checked). That said, I think it's incorporated at least some of the errata incorrectly - instead of replacing the "Consult the Extraordinary Results chart..." explanation of how Risk Modifiers work on page 27 of the Bonisagus chapter with the revised version, it's just added it a bit further down the page, so that both sets of Rules are present. Confused me a bit the first time I tried to use them.

Thanks John, I would appreciate that!

OK, I went through to put together a printing history of ArM5 supplements to date. I haven't gone back to check on any changes between printings, though some are obvious (the softcover versus hardcover).

[center]5th Edition Supplements Printing History[/center]
AG0275 Broken Covenant of Calebais: Printed September 2004 ($19.95 MSRP); digital reprints starting May 2010 ($22.95 MSRP)

AG0276 Guardians of the Forests: Printed April 2005; reprinted October 2006

AG0277 True Lineages: Printed April 2005; reprinted April 2006

AG0278 ROP Divine: Printed August 2005

AG0278SC ROP Divine (Revised, Softcover): Digital printing starting May 2011

AG0279 Mysteries Revised: Printed July 2006; reprinted June 2008

AG0280 Covenants: Printed January 2006; reprinted June 2008

AG0281 Mystery Cults: Printed April 2006; reprinted October 2006; then replaced by softcover.

AG0281SC Mystery Cults (Softcover): Digital printing starting September 2010

AG0282 ROP Infernal: Printed July 2006; reprinted November 2008

AG0283 City and Guild: Printed December 2006, replaced by softcover.

AG0283SC City and Guild (Softcover): Digital printing starting September 2010

AG0284 Ancient Magic: Printed December 2006; reprinted November 2008

AG0285 Societates: Printed May 2005, replaced by softcover.

AG0285SC Societates (Softcover): Digital printing starting September 2010

None of the releases from AG0286 The Lion & The Lily through the present have yet been reprinted.

This one has minor errata in it I think - is that generally the case for the re-prints?

I think it's generally the case, but I wouldn't swear that it's always the case.

Close enough to be my answer, thanks :slight_smile:

Great list, thanks! That definitely fills in some good information.

Let's see if we can figure out identifiable differences.

Hardcover -> Softcover

AG0278 ROP Divine
AG0281 Mystery Cults
AG0283 City and Guild
AG0285 Societates

Copyright Date

AG0205 Ars Magica 5E (not on your list, but I know there are at least two printings, and the later one(s) have an extra date on the copyright page)
AG0275 Broken Covenant of Calebais

How about the seven still on the list (including the two Mystery Cults HC versions)? Would these have had something on the copyright page, like first/second printing, revised, a date, etc?

And then there is still the (probably harder) followup question, were there any books before 5E to go through multiple printings? I know the ArM4 core book did. Any others? Did the ArM4 Hardcover have multiple printings and was it available at the same time as the softcover, or did it come later?

I have both HoH:TL in front of me. On the credit page:

  • First Printing • April 2005
  • Second Printing • April 2006