Combat Stunts

I know a few people still read this forum and it would be great to give it a proper kick start again...

I thought I would start a thread to see who has got some great examples of stunts in combat and whether they would share both the descriptive and mechanical factors of their experience with us from their games.

Hoo, boy, where to start.

  1. Drop the default -2 penalty. Still use the rules for multiple targets, because they're an important balancing factor, but encourage stunts asa matter of course.

  2. Consider flipping the Wound Point Impairment into a bonus.

  3. If it's awesome, roll with it.

  4. Learn to improvise. It makes prepping a session take up much less time and makes the game better through adaptation.

As for specific examples, there are a few stunts and plots described in some of these write-ups:

I always thought the -2 was optional anyway (apart from multiple goon thumping goodness)

Hmmm..... How does this work for you? Do you have players getting hurt just to get the bonus? Do folks choose not to heal after a fight so they can keep the bonuses if it doesn't look like a new fight is in the offing? Does this bonus stick around after a fight?
Would say a briuser with 2 impairment after cordial discussion with some Jammers, have a +2 bonus while breaking into the Vice Presidents residence?

I too wish Feng Shui were more popular. All I seem to hear about it in the larger RPG world is complaints about the shot clock. :unamused:

really? !

I think it's one of the more refreshing things about the game.

Huzzzah! Or some similar sound of approval.

Same here. It was love at first sight. It's what Champion's speed chart and Rune Quest's strike ranks were aiming for but could never quite hit. I think it is one of the top two initiative/action control systems ever seen in an RPG. (Savage Worlds deck of cards is the other, but then I am sucker for props)

When the suggestion was made above about dropping the -2 for multiple attacks/actions, does that refer to all through the entire turn? Not just your first attack but all attacks no longer having a -2? It seems like I did use the -2 when I ran last, but I swore it was a hard-coded part of the system, not optional, but I may have just read it wrong.

Just my two cents - I've seen a lot worse initiative/turn systems, but I'm not particularly fond of the shot clock thing either, though it does work well with the multiple actions/attack thing for its purpose - I just hate keeping track of things like different people's different initiative at different times.

I think it's conceptually hard-coded, but, fundamentally, when you're playing the game, you can do it how you like. [grin]

I just noticed I hadn't answered this.

I've not actually run it with this much, but for a good long while I had a character who wanted to get hurt anyway (Conditional Escalation and a couple of house schticks) and it doesn't change the tenor of combat as much as you might think.

It actually makes it resemble the source films a little more, in that the PCs active dodge less (or not at all) and take some heavy hits, but once they're in trouble they start hitting back better and dodging more often.

As for it sticking around after the fight, when I've run it there's always been a round of healing after each fight (someone with Medicine or Heal on hand), so it's not an issue. If someone is still 10WP away from a death check after healing, they need some slack anyway. If anyone chose not to heal on purpose (unless they played it for a dramatic 'We don't have time for that!') I'd probably keep having them fall down flights of stairs until they chose to get some healing.

Have them trip over some cheese perhaps? Or a twinkie?
You know something subtle.

Though mind you subtle for Feng Shui would be a land mine.

Queex, have you ever thought about gathering your livejournal feng posts into something more organized? I can see several ultra cool adventures in there.

Just an idea

There are several adventures I could probably write up into one-shots or what have you, but eventually writing up the quotes and whatnot became more of a chore than a pleasure so I stopped. I suggested that one of the players might take up the mantle, but no-one was interested enough.

I might well revisit the better general ones at some point.