Combo magical object for validation

Recovery of the lost Scrolls

1st Effect:
ReMe 25:Transfering the true meaning of the sacred scrolls
(Base 10, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +0 Ind)
+4 Cste effect

Allows the reader to read the scroll as it was originally intended to be read.

2nd Effect:
CrMe 4: Preserving the essence of the intended meaning of the text.
(Base 2,+0 Per, +2 Sun,+0 ind)
+4 Cste effect

Allows the preservation of the essence of the message so that it can be transfered with the 1st effect.

3rd Effect:
MuIm(He) 11: Clearty of the original work
(Base 1, +0 Per, +2 Sun, +0 Ind)

Allows for all the text to become clearer, sharper and more distinct.

All these effects need to be invested before their first activation that is done thru a ritual that will actually gather the information from the scroll.

InMe(He) 30, Ritual: Retrieving the lost meaning of the sacred scrolls.
(Base 5, +1 Touch, +0 Mom,+0 Ind, +4 for an elaborate effect)

After the ritual is casted the effects are:

-Original text is retreived & so is original quality
-We add +1 Quality Due to MuIm(He) spell
-No matter the language it is written in, you can read it.

NB. all this only works on original work. Copies do not carry the true legacy of the original writter.

Why does this have to be a Ritual , it's not Level 50?

My first thought are :

  1. not all scrolls will be plant materials , nor all inks used.
  2. the base Individual for Me spells is a Mind.
  3. The Limit of Time (page 80)
    "Hermetic Magic cannot scry on the past or future"
  4. If you could summon the Spirit (Ghost) of the Original Writer ,
    then you will have the Mind of the Original Writer.
    An Original Work , in his own hand , is probably a decent arcane connection.
  5. I doubt many SGs like Insta-translate spells.
    If the Spirit of the original author has a language in common with the caster , then you can read it.
  6. Even if the text is somehow "imprinted" with the thoughts of the original author ,
    why are all the author's thoughts at the time of writing not included?
    No merely mortal mind is so disciplined as to have no extraneous thoughts.

I'm not sure that the spell would be needed at all can't the collection of information be done as part of the creation of the enchanted device?

I've got different takes on ravenscroft's points

  1. Were talking about an enchanted device. The creater of the device can presumably ensure that the author uses whatever materials are appropriate.

2.-4. Serf's parma here but the base effect that we're talking about is creating a thought in another's mind. The effect is designed with a particular thought. Much like a Creo mentem spell that creates a feeling of dread does not need to have an existing source of dread to transfer to the target this spell would not need an existing understanding to transfer to the target, rather it creates it.

  1. I haven't seen too many people complain about Thoughts within Babble but in the matter of tranlating text I agree with you. I don't see anything in the spell that would allow a reader to comprehend the text if they could not decipher the language. I would, however, still allow the creo mentem effect to function (with reduced effect if the reader can't understand the language of the thought).

  2. There is I believe a guideline for creating a thought in another's mind. I don't see any reason why the caster's original mind would be created in total. If there isn't such a guideline one could be created, or target part could be used depending upon whether you think that a spell to insert a single thought into a target mind should be higher or lower level than a spell to create a "mirror mind" in a target.