Community Projects?

A sort of side-sequel...

I'm going to do a new column on the podcast which is about Cornish folklore, and you'll be able to use it and the Vanilla Covenant together.

Great ! I'm looking forward for it ! Maybe I could edit the pdf and make a mention (a link in fact) of it in the side of the text !

I totally forgot about Arcane Connection; that's a great catch, thank you.

I didn't forget about my own fanzine, I just didn't need anyone to remind me about it!

I very much appreciate the fixing of the Vanilla Covenants link. Thank you! I'll link to it.

Nice resource, but not exactly a community project, is it? Or have I missed something?

Magi of Tom is about as much a community project as the ironboundtome is - a personal blog for all the resources that demand writing up but aren't expecting outside contribution - examples of the "just do it" school of contributing to fandom.

We have had several threads about collaborative writing projects on this forum, such as "the things to write thread" - [url]] few have come to fruition (which is why Vanilla Covenants vol 1 is worthy of praise). I had hopes the Rome Tribunal project would create nice things.

I suppose the "A a day for November" threads (30 items of game writing for National Gaming Demonstration or NaGaDemon, the RPG equivalent of NaNoWriMo) could count - CJ's done saints and tribunal cases, we have done magic items, I did Solomonic naranj with a couple submitted by other people.

EDIT: eg
[url]] A book a day for November.
[url]] "30 solomonic suggestions" became 21 Naranj in the end, with Ramidel chipping in a couple.

Good point.
Should we also include the various "more magi of hermes" threads on the forum?

That's why I asked earlier if my blog was a viable resource. I read it as projects which are in the community, not projects which must have multiple participants from within the community. Trim the personal Ars blogs/vidblogs/projects out if they're off-topic. :slight_smile:
There are some reasonable questions infrequently asked in the Ars topic of RPG Stack Exchange, though they are very specific.
I also thought Vanilla Covenant was all but dead when the official book of sample covenants was announced.

November projects “Hook” – gremlin44 made it as far as 5 redcap items – jarkman did a few Days in Hibernia – CJ wrote 3 letters Redcap items – I did quite a few Tribunal cases – CJ did plenty Story seeds – Christian Andersen Spell a day – Gremlin44 did 27! Fairy a day – Matt Ryan Saint a day - CJ
(Also "a mage a day" in Nov 2011 matches the first few posts of Magi of Tom). Clearly November 2011 was the great season for mass participation, and revealed the strengths and weaknesses of the format. Timothy Ferguson created a thread on this and people discussed the format.

While "vanilla covenants" has the difficulty that Through The Aegis has five pretty good covenants (well, I can't be bothered writing up a maritime covenant since reading that book, Jardin is what I like about Provence, the other three all have strong themes) so deliberately limiting yourself to being "vanilla" (just core book + Covenants) makes it hard. Vanilla covenants vol 2 could be useful if people want to have something to write scenarios for or test out scenarios for fanzines.

The link doesn't seem to work. Neat stuff shared here guys. :wink:

Sorry : my Web Hosting Provider ( is (EDIT: was) temporary off-line…

You may also download the pdf from this link :

For my part, I requested a list of these community projects so I could mention them in my editorial for the next issue of Peripheral Code. The "30 days in November" projects are a great example and I am trying to include as many of them as I can find.

I will not have room to include every blog and website related to the game -- but reviews and surveys of those pages would be a great column or regular feature!

It's up to you if it counts or not but my blog, My Life as a Grog has several projects on:

  • Redcaps
  • Mythic Levant
  • Mythic Genoa
  • Andalusian Magi
  • Terrae Magi
  • The Erythraean Sea

It's also got some errata and cutfile pieces from the various books I contributed to which may be of interest.


Which reminds me - maybe I should finish the final period for Janus which I stopped half-way through?

Go for it!
I didn't mean to shut the project down on everyone, it was just that the Criamon I was writing was 'done'.

Tellus, Christian - do you remember how as Annulus Connectens was winding down, we tossed around ideas for a follow-up, like Hedge Magi or a radically diferent sort of covenant? Should we try starting one up in the next few months?

I'm game, though currently Real Life[sup][size=85]TM[/size][/sup] is a bit of a bugger, which is why I haven't started already.

I have made a google map of the universitys in Europe up to and including the 13th century. A post and link can be found here:

Oh I didn't feel you or anyone had shut it down, it just sort of trailed off for me. I have some of the projects fleshed out for Janus' next period (and have had for quite a while) but ran out of ideas.

I should probably get in on that as well. Could be fun to finangle a little with Hedgies. Are we talking from Hedge Magic RE only, or also RIval Magi? As for time...well that's always in short demand. But a little here, a little there. Should be doable.