Commuting to a town

Hiya all,
My Verditius magus has decided that as well as living in his big castle covenant, he wants to live in the nearby city as well (half a day travel). He is going to purchase a townhouse, then travel to and from his lab with a pair of "Leap of Homecoming" rings. He is also going to have an item with "Summon the distant image" in it which is linked to the door of his town bedroom/study. He will also have an item to project his voice into the room. He will be able to spend time in his lab, then journey back to town to have fun. Due to his StdI item he will know when one of his servants knocks on his door, and be able to answer their annoying questions.

The study in town will be off-limits to the staff, and will have his sanctum marker on it. The windows of the room will be blocked out, so that no-one can see him there.

He will be crafting an item to teleport goods between the house and the covenant. The magical rings and the teleport device will only work for him. The teleport device will only move in-animate objects - it will not work on animals or people.

Any comments about security holes or other items which will be needed?

Wouldn't you want "Summon the Distant Sound"?

I would want at least some kind of Aegis around a place I spent a lot of time to stop forceless scrying.

My brother placed a spell on his characters staff that caused it to vibrate if he was being scrying on.

Less subtle, one could use the same trick on a small bell.

If the cost of Aegis is to great, or if two Aegis is impractical, a bell is pretty handy.

When it rings, all you need to do is figure out who scryed. Wizard War them and collect their stuff. My Magus WELCOMES scryers.

Please, break the law! Scry on me! PLEASE!


The Aegis is a good idea. The general idea of the townhouse was a place to receive town guests, and bring back ladies. The covenant is a bit too far away for him to hire companionship.

He will be spending most of his time in town out having fun, then "returning home", then flipping back to his lab. But the problem with scrying is indeed a valid concern.

I hope he has the gentle gift. :slight_smile:

Nahh, Blantant Gift and Tainted with evil...

How complete do you want arrangements at the Townhouse?
Will you supposedly be in the Study , with no natural light source , for 8 hours or more at a time?
How many servants will you have , will they be live-in or just day workers?
What about Food , or expenditure on candles & lamp oil?
Do the servants have to empty the chamber pot?
The fact that you never have any visitors?
You are never seen at Church , though you could just go on the major feast days.
If your study has a small alcove with a bed or couch in it , this may allay suspicions of your activities ,
such as never seeming to eat , sleep or crap.
Keep lots of writing materials in your study or make it look like it is used somewhat.
You could always be spending a lot of time in private prayer & fasting ,
if you own a bible and a rosary.

Unless you have a story flaw involving the dual life with the townhouse ;
as long as your servants are paid on time ,
with a suitable , but not exceptional bonus at Lent or something ,
then they will be unlikely to gossip about the quiet scholar in the attic.

Thanks for replying.
My verditius will have a bed in the study, and he will occasionally be ordering in large amounts of non-perishable foods. He will have a small supply of parchment, and his goldsmith workbench/tools. As far as the staff are concerned he will either be manufacturing items for sale (as a goldsmith) or indulging in his hobby as a scholar.

Candles and lamp oil will be ordered in periodically, and he will be having visitors (occasionally). At least once a week he will be journeying out in search of company. He does not have the gentle gift, but he has a purse of silver.
The servants will be paid well, and the steward of the house will actually be managing some investments on his behalf.
There is no story-flaw for the townhouse, but a track will have to be kept of how long he spends there, as his lab-work will suffer.

All of the supplies he orders will be passed on to the covenant - it won't be a lot of stuff, but it will come in handy now and then.