Complex it possible?

Ignore levels for the moment, are the following combination of effects in an item possible...

  1. InVi to detect that a spell is being cast at you.
  2. Linked to 1st effect InVi to detect the sigil of the incoming spell
  3. MuVi(Im) to give the detected sigil substance
  4. effect at AC connection range to cast a retalitory spell using the sigil as a AC

Questions...Can a sigil be used as an AC, if air that someone breaths can then I figure a sigil which is more personal should be?

If the sigil can be used, would you have to give it substance?

(Or the elephant in the room?) :wink:


If a person has a quirk, can that be used as an AC? Or a mannerism, or habit?

If a person has a certain accent, or favorite word, can that be used? Even, somehow, if it's so strong as to be part of their "essential nature"? Like a facial tick, or lisp, or whatever?

I'd say... meh... no. But I'll admit it's a judgement call, hardly cut and dried.

Well in the Ad Fons PBP game here (which I have been reading avidly) they have used what appears to be a sigil as an AC, however to use as an AC you would actually have to take possession of some sample of the sigil (such as smoke or fragrance or whatever the tangible aspect of the sigil is if any.

By making the sigil substantial you satisfy the necessary condition of having something to collect, but you would have to actually collect it somehow. If the sigil is simply part of the spell being cast at you and you fail to collect it before the spell hits your Parma and fizzles (or penetrates and takes its toll) then Id also not be inclined to allow its use for retaliatory AC ranged spellcasting.

That said, I think when you move beyond the "levels aside" stage, you are likely to find InVi spells capable of even detecting the sigil, let alone making it tangible, to be of such high magnitude (that being very specific information pertaining to active magic and perhaps, serf's parma, potentially only possible for Quesitorial magic) that they will be a real task to invest without considerable time investment in the lab.

Sounds like a clever concept though, you'd just need to insert a step after step 3 for a ReVi to "capture a sample of the tangible sigil" through which to release the retaliatory spell back at your adversary as an AC. The captured sample would be integrated into the retaliatory effect and consumed in the process. Sounds all very "Wheel of Time" with the weaving of magical threads etc. :wink:

Items can't do MuVi metamagic on spells.

IMO, no, because (p. 159) "You may only put a Muto Vim effect into a magical item if it is to work with another effect on that item. All Muto Vim spells require some tailoring to the specific use, and a magical item effect cannot be so tailored."

In other words, the author of the ArM5 MuVi rules saw the potential for abuse of MuVi items, and blocked it. :slight_smile:


-Andrew Gronosky

Was ignoring levels because, a skilled and paranoid enough mage wouldn't care that it takes him several seasons to make this.

MuVi spells can be added if you have the improved talisman mysteries.

Only to affect spells of the talisman owner...

Lots of points raised here already but I'll jump in here and say that a representation of a magi's sigil that was created by a magic item seems to me to be a sympathetic connection not an arcane connection. I'd give the plan a flat out no on this basis alone.

Page: 90, The Mysteries.

As I said.