comprehensive spell list

Hi all, I've been away for a few months and I expect I'll shortly go on another extended hiatus (the combination of going back to school and raising a child is a great burden upon my free time).

But in the mean time I've posted the updated spell list (I actually did the work on October and just haven't gotten around to posting it before now) I sent it to Atlas as normal but I've also put it up on RPGGEEK here:

Nice piece of work, thanks again Erik.

Thanks a lot Erik.

I seem to remember someone posting about an index of books described in ArM5 (e.g. Elaine's works described in the Flambeau chapter of HoHS), but I can't find it. The ArM5 page gives a listing of books, but focusing on mundane books and I don't think they are the official versions given in the supplements (if they are, no page numbers are given). Can you help me out here?

Are you referring to this?

That is posted on Atlas' site, but I knows it doesn't index all books and suspect that some 'official' stats for books are not adhered to and that the list includes many historical books that aren't really given details in any supplement. It looks like a cool effort by a fan to create a basic list of academic books, not like an index of which books are listed where.

I could find one discrepancy: City of God is a Tractatus Q12 on Church Lore by RoPD p. 86, but L6 Q10 Summa on Theology and Philosophiae by the sheet. The Herbal I remember and it works out as written in HoHS, for example. But why aren't the Analects of Tytalus or the works of Elaine, mentioned in the same book, there? And most of the books, I just have no idea where they're from, if they're described in the supplements at all.

So, I started listing the books that are in canon. Here is a partial list; feel free to add to it... ... 3M1E&hl=en