Computer game themed diversion

The video on the computer game kickstarter says that they'll include all of the spells from the fifth edition core book and "all will be usable and useful in the game".

Let's take the tact that this is not hyperbole

I challenge the group to come up with ways (preferably entertaining) to make some of the following spells useful

Inmost companion
Discern own illusions
Seal the earth
Shell of false determinations

Discern own Illusions: excellent for spotting all those grogs/companions/other magi you have turned invisible...or put disguise spells onto. I've used it, although only with one character so far.

I'd never even read 'Inmost Companion' before. It seems rather...odd.

'Seal the Earth' perhaps for when you need to bury someone quickly?

'Shell of False Determinations' seems to be an AM replica of a spell from cough (A)D&D - Leomund's False Glamour (If I remember correctly - it's been rather a long time since I played that) cough. I never saw the point of either spell.

Discern Own Illusions: battlefield. illusions create 'fake terrain modifiers, this spell ensures your own contributions aren't affected by this.
( Depending on the combat system, this could either just be some numeric combat modifiers, or a modifier to a LoS check where the LoS check goes through an illusionary object tagged as belonging to you)

Inmost Companion: messenger, scouting, spying, blackmail: depending on whether the target uses the bird for their own purposes or it gets captured. If I were designing the spell for a computer game, I would force certain post-spell action (e.g. casting this on a non-friendly person always results in the bird being captured, turning into a 'blackmail leverage' item). The exact presentation of this would depend a bit on the game, but basically I would apply two 'traits' to the target: either 'blackmailed' or 'can spy magically' and 'instant communication' - with each of those traits having some relevance to a diplomatic sub-game.

Seal The Earth: This one is super-easy. Battlefield, again. The usefulness of having a mound of dirt where there wasn't one before for any battlefield is ... well, it's a battlefield terrain modifier. Cast it during a battle with a successful aiming roll and it's a battlefield modifier and an 'attack' against a specific unit. Casting 'Seal The Earth' removes any bonuses granted by an enemy tactically casting 'Pit of the Gaping Earth'.

Shell of False Determination: If cast on items in your lab, it means the wrong item may be stolen by raiders by changing the (weightings on the) random-stolen-item list. If cast on an item for trade, it allows for cheating the trade mechanic by artificially inflating the value of the item when selling to a magus.