concensus on an aegis question

If an aegis of the hearth is either cast for the first time or cast after a botch where the covenant did not realize it was down for a year, and a creature with might of some form has moved into the covenant before the next aegis is raised, what is the 'status' of the entity in question? Invited guest? Uninvited but not expelled?

Also what happens if someone who was invited in an aegis ritual brings in some faerie vis, which then turns out to be a 'resting' faerie which then awakens in the covenant's aura? Is that considered an invitation? I would assume their might is irrelevant to having to penetrate the aegis, since it would have been irrelevant had the vis been extracted.

"Magi who were not involved in the ritual"
"brought within the Aegis, if they are formally invited"
"Withdrawing an invitation will not expel the person beyond the Aegis"

They were not involved in the ritual, they did not need to be invited since they were already in, they can stay but not re-enter if they leave.

The only effect of the Aegis is: "Penetration totals for magical creatures are reduced by the same amount."

Also, I interpret that magi and their familiar must be formally invited separately, which removes any ambiguity.

I think this reading is clean and direct enough.

The Aegis is not an exorcism. It just means their powers don't work particularly well while inside.

This part was perfectly clear, what was less than crystal clear is the status of those who are inside an aegis when it is cast in terms of those disadvantages. It is one thing to get an invitation to cross the line, it is another to have been inside from the beginning. While it is in no way supported by any text I could see where an aegis might somehow 'focus' a creature with might, magnifying its power within the aegis while potentially preventing it from leaving. Not likely given that nowhere else does it suggest any penalties to leaving, but story wise it could make sense.