Concerning Magic Items and Arcane Connections

I love long titles...

If I were to create a Magical Item that incorporates an Arcane Connection, say an Enchanted Casting Tool, must I then first fix said connection in my lab? Or could I gather all of the desired Connections and use them in the Item at time of creation, thus making them permanent in the process? Personally i'd say this is the most logical choice, but haven't really found any rules to either support or dispute this.

For reference; I want to create a map mural of Europe and the known world, with lots and lots of Arcane Connections to different places in the world. the map can then be used in conjunction with a scrying mirror and a traveling circle. I would also like the mural to absorb connections at later times without having to fix them first. One possible way of doing this is transferring Vim vis into the phyical form of the Connection...

Any thoughts?

And while on the subject; since PeVi can be used to decrease the lifetime of a particular Arcane Connection, can a CrVi reverse this effect? Again no rules, but I'd say yes. At perhaps one Magnitude higher than the destroying bit.

Nice idea! I recall that one of the covenants in Tribunals of Hermes: Rome had something like that. One of my players was on a long voyage and ran in to some troubles along the way - in Venice - and bargained himself som help from local magi. His only "payment" was giving them an arcane connection to himself and the promise that they might call on his help sometime in the future... Haven't got any detailed plan for that story, yet... but the thing in itself has gotten the poor magus a bit scared and paranoid...

I'd let whatever arcane connections you already have on hand while creating the map get fixed in the process (really, integrated into the map), but not ones you acquire later.

The actual "physical" mechanism by which the arcane connection is transferred to the map isn't really important (make something up).

As for keeping them safe from PeVi, I'm torn. I'd at least let you add some ReVi or PeVi effects to the map that would somewhat protect the arcane connections.

I got caught out with just this question...

I had, very early, given the magi a stone scrying pool that gave a view over the city of Verona (their home). On dropping an arcane connection into the pool and uttering the name of the person they saught, the image tightened on that person if he/she were within the city. So, any arcane connection.

Much later, they wanted to build a doorframe enchanted with Leap fo Homecoming. I thought, easy, just build in the arcane connection. To do otherwise would be perhaps too powerful. Then they mentioned the scrying pool and I didn't have a leg to stand on.

So, pick one and stick with it. If you build the arcane connection into the item you lose a lot of flavour in some of the more obvious items (maps and scrying pools etc) but if you open it up to any arcane connection you could have a door that leads anywhere.