Confession Time

So, confession time ... I've never actually played in a Play by Post game before. Part of the reason I wanted to set this up on the Atlas Games Forums was so that I could join in myself!

Confession #2 ... I don't actually have a lot of play experience with some of our older RPGs. Well, think about it! I came on staff AFTER Over the Edge, and on the tail end of Feng Shui and Unknown Armies. John's run one or two Over the Edge one shots for me over the years, and I played in a game of Unknown Armies one year at Gen Con (but it was run by Greg Stolze and was freakin' AMAZING!). I don't think I've ever actually played Feng Shui. Trust me, reading through the rules, or even editing a manuscript for grammar and consistency, is NOT the same as actually playing the game.

So, if anybody would like to run one of those games, I'd love to join! But watch out ... I've been told I'm the worst kind of power gamer. :wink:

Well Let me finish reading through Feng Shui, though Ive been thinking of running a New Nothern Crown Game.

I want to do some prep work on anything I run. So Be on the Look Out...:slight_smile:

If you do a Northern Crown play by post here, I'd be interested in playing.


I second that qstor...count me in, if you go ahead and set it up.

I know its been awhle, BUT I am working on a NC PbP game set in the Carib, ot sure if everyone would be pirates but a Pirates of the Carabean feel is definatly in Order... WOuld there be interest in that around here?

You know it, baby!

Count me in on any Carib set NC game. I'll be interested in what you have in store for the region.

Im still in the process of writting right now..though I have some initial ideas for the first adventure whichI want tor eally plan out Look for a recruitment thread up in about a week or so