Confused about becoming...

I've tried reading through becoming and hope I have a hand on it. If you bear with me to the end I would welcome any corrections.

First I have to undergo the rituals. I am trying to recreate / relive the stories of Apollo
Faerie Magic 5
Warping 8
Let say for Transformation of Body I use Creo Corpus to highlight my physical perfection (or at least the appearance of it).
Cre 15
Cor 10
Int 5
Theory 5
Aura 7
Lab Total: 42

Level of Enchantment: (40 age -35) + (5 x 0 Decrepitude) = 5

I easily perform the Transformation of Body.

Transformation of the Spirit perplexes me... What exactly constitutes a Lab activity. Is studying Vis a lab activity, but later in the sentence it says you can study... are the writers referring to Summa or is that a lab activity too?

If I've got that one right I think I can extrapolate to the rest.

Now after I perform the last ritual I develop a Magic Might of 40/2= 20

All good? I hope so. If I've already screwed up I'm hosed.

Now I am a Fae creature. I still have my Arts and can increase them through the normal means? Vis study? Adventure?

I can still cast spontaneous Magic but it requires an expenditure of a confidence point, and the spontaneous effect must be similar to a spell I already have.... good so far?

As far as casting formulaic magic do I still roll. I understand the MM cost is set by Magnitude but is there rolling involved? Is Penetration instead figured as per the rules for creatures in the core book?
Might Score – (5 x Might Point cost of the power) + Penetration Bonus

Let's say I want to learn a new spell (faerie power) of the Perdo Ignem variety. I want to stop things from burnsploding. My Transformation of Spirit is Creo Ignem for the burny goodness. Do I figure my lab total for the Empowered faerie Lesser ritual using Perdo or Creo? Is it based off of the effect I want to learn or the Arts I set my transformation of magic by?

Now lets say Im using my Creo 15 and Ignem 15 plus all the rest for a lab total of 47 compared to the Lvl: 30 spell I want to be able to make into a magic power. My power, assuming all 15 extra goes into MM cost reduction is now valued at 3 MM per use....? Can I even make this new power given that I have a MM of 20 (does it still limit my lab total?)

Am I anywhere in the ballpark of being right? Am I still a Mage? Can I still vote at Tribunal meetings? I assume so...

Thank you in advance

HoH:MC appeared in 2006. It can hence not reference RoP:F. As HoH:MC p.93f Transforming of the Spirit turns the maga into a faerie creature, it makes sense to look up RoP:F p.43ff Faerie Characters before that big change. Especially:

This excludes ArM5 p.165 studying books and studying the Hermetic Arts from vis, neither of which requires btw a lab.

appears to refer to lab activities with an effect magnitude, like Vis extraction and investigation of enchantments.

The lesser transformation rituals from HoH:MC p.96 require quite some SG work to flesh out, but especially The Empowered Faerie allows the ex-maga to acquire new spells as faerie powers. RoP:F p.64f Faerie Advancement Through Change provides further ways for her to develop while still posing as a maga, and your troupe might also replace lesser transformation rituals by these more general rules.

After Transforming the Spirit, these become indeed very good questions, to discuss with troupe and storyguide.
First, faeries don't have Confidence any more, so the HoH:MC p.93 workaround for fatiguing Spontaneous Magic is no longer possible. But otherwise, I would allow normal casting of spells known, and non-fatiguing Spontaneous Magic - which turns the ex-maga into a very special kind of faerie.

HoH:MC p.93 says so.


EDIT: If your forty years young maga did not have that terrible Warping 8, she might feel tempted to just perform Transforming the Body, and stop there. But impending final twilight will drive to become a faerie soon.