Confused about Wizard's Communion / Aegis of the Hearth

Goodness yes, far more than any of the other guidelines.

Very true. In general our troupe masters rituals before casting and won't bother in anything but calm, safe conditions. It's not even the risk of botching, it's the risk of wasting umpteen pawns of vis. The length precludes casting ritual spells in 'emergencies', or at least 'imminent doom' type emergencies. I liked how 4th edition had vis-boosting of spells built in without going through the ritual business.

There's an interesting spell-power gathering system used by the Musupelli in Rival Magic. A ritual exercise where the length of spellcasting was not pre-determined would be more dramatic. For example, where the caster generated Casting Score - Spell Level points (per interval) until the points equaled or doubled the Spell Level, Fatigue Rolls at intervals (people dropping out as they become exhausted), continuing the ritual to gain more Penetration (possibly at the cost of extra vis - heck, spells could be cast for less vis if the magi are skilled and lucky enough) wouldn't be too hard to make Rituals more interesting.

At the same time, many sagas move fast enough that you could do one or more Aegis casting per session, at which point it's more of a book-keeping headache than an exciting moment.

Wait, Aegis of the Hearth, itself gets the most benefit, with T:Boundaey and D:Yea, 8 magnitudes for free. Opening the Intangible Tunnel gets 5 magnitudes for free.

But let's face it things break when you need to add 8 magnitudes to an Aegis that protects against might 30 creatures. Similarly Intangible Tunnel becomes much more difficult to cast, though I confes that it might be a feature rather than a bug.

I actually thought that the entire point of Rituals was to be things you didn't have to spend entire seasons on, but that were also too strong to be balanced if they could be fired off rapidly during story-time...

That, and to be occasionally super dramatic, as your armies turn back the forces of darkness for as long as they can to let you cast the ritual that will turn the course of the battle, but that's sort of stuck in a rut, since it wouldn't be very dramatic if it happened often.

My bad, I meant MuVi guidelines.

...if they were casting D: Momentary rituals. Did you ever read that box on p. 159, or the debate on this forum?

Tightening up MuVi happens to be one of my main wishes for 6th edition. And I made a list.

This is one of the main effects of the original Mercurian Magic Virtue from The Tempest.