Constansa the Trobairitz

this character is approved

I'm advancing Constansa right now (not planning on having her join the vis hunt, I was just checking out Art & Academe and the idea of advancing her came up) and there's one thing I wanna iron out before proceeding. I had assumed she was being sponsored by the covenant as a whole, is that alright or would you rather have her go through the process of finding a sponsor? I ask mostly because I realized I never asked if this was alright.

I think that question needs to be left to the magi of the covenant. Keep in mind that if the covenant sponsors her it needs to be added to the expenses...

I assumed the covenant was sponsoring. But I don't know much about what that means.

It is described on art and acadame p. 130-132m depending on your reputation level there are certain social requirements, but functionally a sponsor pays for your artwork (commissioning the work) at a price of 1 MP per level of reputation per season of work.

I was confused about who we were talking about - I think we should be sponsoring her just as part of the deal where she helps the covenant with mundane affairs. I will add 2 MP per year for 2 seasons at rep 1. Not sure if anyone will bother to tell her what to write; given the lack of entertainment in the middle ages maybe we make her do a weekly poetry reading. :smiley: