There is one fundamental problem with this character, and it is that a Gifted mercer would not be presented at tribunal- the house would instead keep them away from the tribunal and deliver them to a mercer magus to train, and take the shard to preserve the integrity of the bloodline.

He also would not have Latin at 4, since he does not have educated and the primary magcal language for thebes is Classical Greek

He also needs another 25 points in abilities to be age 11

Ungifted Mercer aren't necessarily descended from Mercere and since his parents were ungifted...

Yeah, I was assuming child of redcaps is not necessarily Mercere bloodline. Also because he's got Covenant Upbringing in a Redcap Covenant the Covenant I would assume is just as much Latin as Greek because of contact with the rest of the order.

But if that doesn't make sense I can change.

there is still the illegitimate lineage flaw to cover that, and they typically do try to train the children of redcaps, though obviously less enthusiastically. however with the threat of a shard being distributed- even though they maintain the records of the shards, there could certainly have been circumstances where they would have turned over the child. Especially if there were other circumstances like dead or disfavored parents...
if the parents were originally from another tribunal and hadn't really meshed here, for example, which also covers the Latin... however having it above 3 without a related virtue would be an issue still.

Covenant Upbringing was my justification for Latin and Order of Hermes Lore. (It doesn't allow Latin as Native Language but does allow taking it.)

If that means he should have grown up in a Latin covenant outside of Thebes I can give it some thought and give him a reason to be in the tribunal now.

if there were signifigant people in his life (his parents, or a large number of people in the covenant) who spoke Latin he could have the ability at up to 1/2 their level. Since I would not expect anyone to have latin above 6- especially in Thebes, it is limited to level 3

Made some changes, including updating numbers.

looks great

following the tribunal:
1 season open library
taught vim (SQ:20)
2 seasons lab assistant (reTe)
1 season open library
taught ReTe spells
2 seasons lab assistant (InMe)

In terms of creating an Agency, I'm assuming the Apothecary is potentially my first agent; should I roll for Impressing him as if he was a Story Reward for the first story? And is there further recruitment that can be done in the interim, or is it via stories only? I'm going off the section on Agencies on HH:S 140.

I believe you already rolled to impress him, and applied the experience from that story- only experience from stories can be applied- and money.

You're right, my bad. I will start tracking the Agency on his wiki page.

I didn't apply the experience to him before, can you give me his starting resistance and his social status? Or if you prefer to look or edit, I put what I could on the wiki on a subpage of Constantine.

For trying to get people telling stories about their exploits and asking about traditions can I spend tribunal xp on Magic Lore?

his social status is craftsman and his initial resistance was 1.

and yes

the spells learned will be: unseen arm, key of Theodorus (errata'd to level 5), and forgery of the jeweler (base 4: craft gems and precious metals, range touch, requires finesse roll). if your library studies raise your lab total in ReTe by 2 levels there is a 4th possibility...

His lab total got to 20.

that will add wizards parry

key of Theodorus is actually reTe5, it was corrected in errata

Fixed. Also just realized I never let you know he was updated, sorry.

Just noticed that Moero's Garden, according to the canon history stuff, was a Constantinople covenant until the city was taken in 1204. Probably doesn't change anything to have them in Nicea from their start, just might be of note.