they have a chapter house in Nicea at this point, and by canon the original covenant site was left untouched by the crusaders, which was a much better fate that what happened to Thermakopolis…
though two jerbiton covenants in the same city at the same time is a bit strange...

Three. Xylinites was mostly Jerbiton at that time as well.

It's a really big city. And because auras are so rare and scattered, I can see the sites leading to different covenants. Though I guess chapterhouses of one covenant would be more typical.

I should have done this earlier- Constantine would have learned the good teacher virtue from Artemis.

Constantine is updated to 1200.

going from what I had and your seasons log,
I get a final score of 6(1.5) for magic theory
I also get artes liberales as 3(6)
and philosophae 4(10)
I get In 5(0), Pe:9(3), Re 5(4),

I am to look through the revision history to see where the discrepancies arise, but wanted to mention these things before I begin.

the philosophae discrepancy suggests the error is on my end... still checking

Okay, the mistakes are largely mine, excepting:
perdo should be 9(3)
magic theory should be 5(12)

Perdo capped because it's only a level 9 summa. Will fix Magic Theory.

One odd thing he may have done... is the covenant set up so that there is any kind of secluded basement or storage room at ground level where people seldom go?

Basically, he wants to dig a small tunnel with Perdo, to see what happens to the aura if you go deep. But he's leery about getting caught, especially since his new parens is not a big fan, so if there's not a good out-of-the-way spot where he can do that and cover it up later, he won't.

He can, and he will find that when he digs below the sound of the church bells, to where not even a whisper of them can be heard, there is no aura.

If there are any magi in the covenant who've actually been nice to him, he'll share that. But he will fill up the top of the hole with Rego (pulling material up from the wall of the shaft lower down).

He will spend the last season before tribunal writing a Tractatus on Magic Theory (it's Q9). The focus of the book is based on what he discovered digging below the divine aura, and an analysis about subterranean laboratories.

word reaches your current parens, who gives you a lecture about destroying things just to get what you want being unseemly and grotesque, that it is better to create what is beautiful than destroy what is base, then spends his own vis refilling the area with created earth.