Consumed Casting Tools

House of Hermes: Mystery Cults, page 136

The minor flaw of Consumed Casting Tools says:

...Making a casting tool for a spell that already has a casting tool erases the magical connection from the existing tool to the spell. ...

Is this supposed to read Art, not spell, or do you have to make seperate casting tools for each spell the magi knows?

Magi with Verditius magic need a separate tool is needed for each spell. For more reference, see AM p. 93, very last paragraph.

I never read the paragraph that way, because the wording is a little vague. I always interpreted it as saying that the Verditius needed 15 casting tools, one for each Art, which was reinforced by reading the description for Spontaneous Casting Tools. But after a careful reading of the Verditius House Mystery: Enchanting Casting Tools, I finally found one sentence to support your claim. My group has been playing for about two years now, and none of us have noticed the difference. :confused:

Would a House Verditius magi who just completed apprenticeship have casting tools for all of his spells, or would he need to spend a season or two making them?

She would have casting tools, because it only takes a couple of hours to make one.

Hmmm - I never noticed that it was not as specific as it was in 4th ed, where it was crystal clear - "Each spell known requires a separate tool." (4th ed pdf, p 26.) Maybe I just projected that understanding into the current description, but that's the author's desired meaning, I believe.

Like many flaws, it's only as much a part of the story as the SG wants it to be. Unless the collection of tools would cause unwanted attention, or there are so many that they become awkward to sort through, or - somehow - the plot involves losing them, they are commonly just taken for granted to allow more important plot elements to shine.

On a related note, how do Verditius magi organize their tools? Some have them scattered about their person like jewelry, but one of the better ideas I've seen is something like a key-ring on the belt, with one's most important (ie "urgent") tools there, organized in some meaningful order, each distinct and easily accessible. (Perhaps another keyring or three for less time-critical spell tools. When it's time for Repel the Wooden Shafts, the time is usually "Now!", but Twist the Living Tree is usually not so time-critical.)

In one saga, in which I was playing a Verditius, I actually made casting tools out of clay, one for each spell the character knew, and kept them in a leather pouch. When it was time to cast a spell, I dumped them into my palm, pulled out the correct one, and "cast" the spell. Once the novelty of this wore off, I made a Dexterity + Legerdemain roll against an Ease Factor dependent upon the situation, set by the storyguide. If I made the roll, the character found the right casting tool in time and could cast the spell in the same round. If I failed the roll, I had to wait until the next round to cast the spell, and if the roll botched, I spilled the pouch of casting tools on the ground. I remember once, with a triple botch, the desired casting tool fell to the ground and rolled down a woodchuck hole. I don't know if woodchucks existed in Mythic Europe, but we've got plenty of them around here. :slight_smile:

Matt Ryan