These are my proposed contributions from Carmen & Vulvanus written up formally.

  • Spring 1234: Attend Leadership class (13xp)
  • Summer 1234: Invent ritual spell from scratch; CrAq20r Fountain of Sweet Waters; Touch/Mom/Ind; Creates a bubbling spring of sweet water that pools into a small pond. The water is cool, refreshing, and exceptionally tasty; (base 4, +1 Touch, +1 sweet water, +1 size, +1 just to be sure and a ritual is a minimum level of 20 anyway); LT = 44 (Aura 5, Lab +6 ([sub]GQ +1, Spells +4, Creo +1[/sub]), Int +4, Magic Theory 7, Creo 11, Aquam 5, Kesara +6
  • Fall 1234: Invent ritual spell from scratch, CrAu30r Deluge of Torrential Rains; (Sight/Mom/Boundary); creates a massive thunderstorm that pours over the whole of the land (as defined by geographic boundary or from horizon to horizon). The Ritual nature of the spell means that the Momentary Duration indicates the storm is naturally created in that instant. The amount of rain is determined by Size (ten times as much rain as a normal storm); (base 3, +3 Sight, +3 Boundary, +1 Size); LT = 67 (Aura 5, Lab +10 ([sub]GQ +1, Spells +4, Creo +1, Auram +4[/sub]), Int +4, Magic Theory 7 (Auram), Creo 11, Auram 18, Focus +11
  • Winter 1234: Invent ritual spell from Lab Text, ReVi30r Watching Ward; LT = 38 (Aura 5, Lab +5 ([sub]GQ +1, Spells +4[/sub]), Int +4, Magic Theory 7 (Auram), Rego 9, Vim 8).

Atthe end of Winter, she casts Watching Ward five times. Four times it is placed on a staff, each ward holding CrAq20r Fountain of Sweet Water. The simple condition trigerring each one is a number of taps followed by a secret word (each ward has a nubmer 1 to 4 taps and a different word). The fifth Watching Ward hold a copy of CrAu30r Deluge of Torrential Rains, placed on a small glass vial and triggered by shattering that vial. This is a pretty steep price to pay; 58 pawns of vis in total.

Vulcanus spends all four seasons working on a single item, his Hurbris driving him to create a masterpiece.
A brief review of the scores as they shall be applied...
Aura 5
Lab: GQ +4, Items +2, Creo +1, Rego +1, Terram +2, (Warping +1)
Assistance: Egon the Familiar (Int +2, Magic Theory 4 (Terram)
Vulcanus: Int +5, Magic Theory 6 (Terram), Inventive Genius +3/+6, Craft-Blacksmith 5 (armor), Philosophiae 5 (Iberian Script)
Max F&Ebonus & Philosophiae bonus: +6/+5 (Terram/Iberian Script)
Max Vis: 30 pawns
Arts used: Creo 7, Terram 17, Herbam 6
Runes used: Terram +17

  • Spring 1234: Forge Item and Open it for enchantment, inscribing it with Iberian Script for Creo & Terram; 30 pawns of space gained with 25 pawns of Vim; Warping Check url=[/url].
  • Summer 1234: Invest CrTe48 Vulcanus' Instant Fortress from Scratch using Experimentation (no risk factor, LT = 98, then the experiment roll, result roll, and follow up roll; all at once = (1d10=1, 1d10=5, 1d10=5); adjusted LT 99, Side Effect result is a minor side effect (the land wherever the fort stood is discolored); Warping check url=[/url] (safe)
  • Fall 1234: Begin Investing CrTe(He)63 Furnishing the Instant Fortress from Scratch using Experimentation (Risk Factor +3, LT = 88, +3 Risk, simple bonus/result/follow up = (1d10=7, 1d10=10, 1d10=5); LT = 98, 35 completion points; roll twice more on the chart (first follow up is side effect), so side effect follow up, second roll, and follow up = (1d10=5, 1d10=6, 1d10=4); minor side effect, then another. So grass grows all over inside the bunker, and the items created have a rigid uniformity. Warping Check = url=[/url] (safe)
  • Winter 1235: Finish Investing CrTe(He)63 Furnishing the Instant Fortress from Scratch using Experimentation (Risk Factor +3, LT = 88, +3 Risk, simple bonus/result/follow up = (1d10=10, 1d10=7, 1d10=8); LT = 101, 38 completion points for 73 total out of 63 needed, enchantment complete; Discovery, roll twice = (1d10=4, 1d10=6), with the Risk Factor resulting in 7 & 9, 3xp in one of the Arts (Herbam), and enough XP to raise one of the Arts involved one level (Terram)

The Fortress of Vulcanus: Invested Device (OP 30, Used 12)
[tab][/tab]This item takes the form of a chess piece, a rook three inches tall and one inch square at the base, forged from steel and ornately inscribed with arcane designs and Iberian scripts. The piece has a (yet undefined precious gem) embedded in the center, and was opened with 30 pawns of space (requiring only 25 pawns of vis though). These include the Terram Rune, adding five levels to all invested effects but granting a bonus to Terram related Lab Totals enchanting the device.

CrTe48 Vulcanus' Instant Fortress
R: Touch, D: Concentration, T: Individual
[tab][/tab]You place the rook on the ground and hold it there speaking the command words. The fortress takes the form of a bunker that manifests around the wielder of the item and anyone touching him. Those kept outside are not knocked back, but rather, the earth ripples and moves to accommodate the building as it seemingly manifests growing from and into the ground. The bunker is a plain stone building that is roughly square (500 square feet), stands 8 feet tall, with arrow slits surrounding. The heavy door opens into a vestibule with murder holes and a second heavy door to gain entrance. The bunker is set twelve feet into the ground, with a second underground floor a small crawl space cellar. The Item maintains concentration, and it will not end automatically at sunrise/sunset nor if anyone is still inside. Otherwise, it has unlimited use and can be set up or taken don as often as required.
(base 3, +1 Touch, +1 Concentration, +3 size, +1 complexity; +5 levels Terram Rune, +5 levels Item Maintains Concentration, +3 levels Environmental Trigger, +10 levels Unlimited Use)

CrTe(He63) Furnishing the Instant Fortress
R: Touch, D: Concentration, T: Structure
[tab][/tab]Fills the structure with the furnishings and equipment needed to manage a small fort (in the opinion of Vulcanus). This includes a long table and a dozen chairs, arms & armor for a dozen soldiers (longsword, heater shield, mail hauberk), eating utensils and dishes, tools for a small hearth, a brazier, a length of chain, a mallet, some spikes, and trivial items. These things come fresh into existence when the fortress manifests, are maintained as long as the fortress is, and disappear with it when the effect is ended or if removed from the building.
(base 5, +1 Touch, +1 Concentration, +2 Group, +3 Complexity/Requisites/Size; +5 levels Terram Rune, +3 levels Linked Trigger, +5 Levels Item Maintains Concentration, +10 Levels Unlimited Use)

You know that this isn't raw? Items that maintain concentration wear off at sunrise/sunset. An environmental trigger would just mean that the effect would activate again once past it, but wouldn't stop the flickering.

And before you HR against this, I really advise you to consider, since this would, once again, make constant items less useful than concentrating ones*. And it ain't that difficult to task a grog with concentrating a few minutes 2 times per day. A score of 1-2 is enough.

  • Seriously. Especially since they can't have multiple uses, when would a constant item be better, or even simply equal, to anything like what you're doing here?

I recall seeing something (not sure if it was in a book or on the boards) about using maintains concentration with environmental triggers on duration sun to maintain the spell and eliminate the flicker...

Yes, it's in the corebook. Constant effect devices. That's what I was refering to above: Sun duration, +1 for 2 uses per day, +3 for the trigger.

Callen would explain it better than me (I believe he may even have done it on this saga), but, in truth, that effect isn't recast: it is cast once and remains.

The idea is to be mobile though. You might have to set it up and take it down several times as you advance the line. Or in the case of travel, making multiple rest stops if needed. What if the Environmental Condition was changed to "someone being on the inside"? You can set it up and take it down multiple times, at sunrise/sunset it would normally fade away unless there is someone inside maintaining it. Or what of a second safety trigger? or another magnitude?

And Constant is cheaper. Two Magnitudes for sun, +3 Levels Environment Trigger, +1 Level two uses per day. Two magnitudes + four levels (or +14). This set up requires one magnitude for Concentration, five levels for maintaining it, three levels for the trigger and ten levels for Unlimited Use. One magnitude and eighteen levels (or +23). This version is nine levels more difficult. That is why the classic version is better. Vulcanus does thing the hard way in order to obtain a superior result.

No comments?
Fixer is the Rules Shark, so what he says goes. If it doesn't work, then I will drop the trigger and just deal with the fact that it has to be taken down and reset at sunrise/sunset. Then ditch the Lab of Bonisagus variant that equips the fort (equip your own damn fort :laughing: ), and invest a second version of the fort conjuring effect with a Duration of Diameter that is triggered and set to sustain the fort at sunrise/sunset so magi can bunker down and set their Parma in some safety.

Well, you only need someone to hold the item and concentrate for a few moments at sunrise/sunset, maintain the concentration instead of the item until it picks up. It ain't that difficult, any grog can be trained to do it. That's the job of a custos, too :wink:

Or give it Moon Duration :wink: With 1+ use per day.
That'd be base 3, +1 Touch, +3 Moon, +3 size, +1 complexity; +5 levels Terram Rune = lvl 40.
We'd leave a nice trail, but these are only testaments to Vulcanus's power and genius. These also probably wouldn't last long enough to be a problem, and could be the basis for many "faerie castles" or "wandering castles" legends.
Else, use a non standard duration. Something like "hours +1" would be good for the same magnitude as moon (+2 base, +1 non-standard) and last 13 hours. Assuming these can be enchanted (I believe so but am not sure). Yet again a testament to Vulcanus genius.

Save that you don't need the unlimited uses.

If doing strictly the same thing, you'd have: +1 Conc, +1 maintain Conc, +2 uses per day (activates once at sunrise, then once at sunset), +3 trigger. The exact same magnitude, with all the flexibility of concentration (makes great traps with a bridge*). Adding uses/day only allow you to do more, like creating multiple towers, something a Constant item just can't do.

  • now, that's an idea we need to use for andorra! Having a ditch, with a bridge that we can cancel at will if there are enemies on it! :smiley: We just have to avoid crossing it at sunrise/sunset, or make sure someone can concentrate on it.

FWIW, Lucas can make spells that are Harnessed, so he can release them at will. If he cast a spell that summoned a bridge, he could get rid of it just as the enemy was crossing it.

That's probably not all that useful for a permanent bridge. But for a temporary bridge, it might be nice.

Hmm, I wonder if he can make items that are Harnessed ...

The Bridge Over the River Kwaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiii! sploosh

Harnessed is the one that allows him to stop the spells? One of the mutantum abilities was to release (ie: cast) the spell with delay, but having a limited interest in Gifted Merceres myself I was unaware of the "stop the spell NOW!" ability. Both are quite useful. Nice :slight_smile:

There is also Tethered, which lets him hand off control of the spell to someone else, giving them the ability to end the power.

Finally, there's Boosting, which is using vis on the spot to up the Range, Duration, or Target of the spell.

All handy things to be able to do.

Duration: Concentration, maintains concentration. When the items cease to concentrate, the spell ends.

Or did I fail to understand you?

:laughing: Exactly :smiley:

This is my favorite :smiley:
The combo of harnessed and tethered is wonderful :smiley:

With Fixer's blessing, here is what Vocis is enchanting for the City of Brass trip...

Staff of Voices
A metal staff with a metal carving of a lyre (+3 to create sounds) mounted on one end. When triggered, the item creates words of the user's choice (requires Finesse roll) targeted at the head of a person to whom the user has an AC. This effect is a miniature, which means only the target can hear the words. The effect incorporates an Intelligo requisite to allow the item's user to hear any vocal sounds made by the target as well. (CrIm base 1, +4 AC, +1 Diam, +1 Part, +1 In requisite, +1 complexity, 6 uses/day +3 = level 28)

Stone of Alarm
A flat stone with a carving of a lyre on each side. When activated, the item creates a loud wordless scream at a location to which the user possesses an AC. (CrIm base 1, +4 AC, +1 Conc, 3 uses/day +2 = level 12)

His InIm lab score with Celeste and Mica is 57, then +3 from the lyre shape used for both items. The total number of levels is 40, his effective lab score is 60, so he enchants them both in one season by making the effects last 70 years. The total vis spent is 7 pawns due to Vocis's Waster of Vis flaw.

For the staff, I'm thinking we'll take locks of hair from several grogs and tie them to the staff itself. When communication is necessary, the user just picks the right lock of hair and talks to whoever he likes. The staff should allow untrained grogs to check in on the expedition at predefined intervals (i.e. sunrise and sunset), since they'd only need to 'Finesse' out a single word (or an expressive grunt) and can hear anything that's said in response. Note that Vocis can communicate much more efficiently than the staff can. He can probably communicate through Parma in an emergency, though that would require a magus's AC and would be considered scrying. The staff is intended for routine check-in and emergency communication if Vocis isn't available. It may also have long-term use as a means of communicating between Andorra and Dragonera.

Arachné learns 2 spells:

  • Opening the Intangible Tunnel ReVi 40
    She'll keep some blood from every grog who participates in the expedition.
    She'll also give some of them small wooden spiders (that can be crafted by someone else) and keep ACs to these. This allow her to cast a Tunnel on these, and then "Through the Eyes of the Spider"* to see from the spider's POW, as well as "Animate the Wooden Spider" to control it.

  • Wizard's Reach (Corpus) MuVi 40
    At the cost of a fatigue level, this'll allow her to extand her Leap of Homecoming's range to Touch. This allows her to teleport someone nearby to one of the grog's location, or, through the Tunnel, to rapatriate a wounded grog to Andorra. Note that the target will take one warping point, so she'll only do this if requested to, or in an emergency.

  • Technically, she can cast this on a grog. She just avoids it, both because of style and because it gives her a trump card if her ennemies think she can only spy through spiders. Also, this is scrying, so she'll beforehand ask for the expedition's magus permission for this. If casting at all, which she probably won't do.