Convention of the Redcaps (Autumn 1230)

"In my experience, all men have been equally useless," Tiana says with a shrug.

"You could marry Alexandro. I think he'd be a marvelous father."

Fédora thinks for a minute. [color=blue]"Alexandro...the captain of the guard, yes? If I'm not mistaken, he has a son, not much older than Semyon, so we know he's fecund. And I suppose he's handsome enough."

Fédora thinks for a moment. [color=blue]"My son is about the same age as I was when I was taken as an apprentice. If the House saw that the resident Redcaps were vibrant enough to train apprentices here, that would be another mark in our favour, I would think." She gives Tiana a half-hearted smile. [color=blue]"Although perhaps not, if I were to apprentice him myself."

((By the way, what is the Cooperation Pact of 1214? The only mention I can find of it is in the write-up for Korvac, who for some reason makes me think of Jack Kirby.))

[color=blue]"I think if we can emphasize the fact that we are on a natural route between Normandy and Iberia, and can thus properly serve three Tribunals, that would be to our benefit. And the quicker we can rebuild the damage that was done, the better. Ideally, by the time our sodales arrive, they should have no clue that anything had ever gone awry."

Tiana nods gravely. "If you think he's ready to start an apprenticeship, and of course you'd want to keep him closer to home than usual-- I will take him on."

"Should we do anything with Rodrigo's... umm, spirit?"

Well, yeah, that's sorta where I swiped the name from. I started by imagining Korvin from ME, then fiddled with the name and half remembered an old comic book character named Korvac, then poof, he was written into existance.
Cooperation Pact of 1214, I may have the name a bit off. In the old Iberia Tribunal book, the Shadow Wars start in 1207, by the time of the tribunal of 1214 the war is in full swing and the covenants agree to the landmark decision to form a "Pact of Mutual Protection". To facilitate this, it is decided to connect each of the covenants to each other via a series of Mercere Portals. IMS, the project got off to a rocky start and is very very slow going.

Depends. If the Valt of Valdarius thread starts early in the cycle, then yes. But I also want that story to resolve last amongst the other stories, so it sorta depends on how you wanna flow with it.
But I would reccomend it :slight_smile:
And just to show you how chaotic my mind works, I did not even think about that until it became supra obvious :laughing:
Alnost everything I do is a spontaneous reaction based off of what you guys do, using an outline and a "toybox" of ideas to help me along :smiley:

[color=blue]"That would be very much appreciated. He's all I have to remember his father by, and I don't know if I'm ready to lose him yet."

((facepalm I totally whiffed on that...but then, I've only been skimming that thread, since I don't think I have anyone there.))

[color=blue]"Yes...yes, we should. If nothing else, his counsel will be invaluable. I believe Vulcanus has him, to do some studies on the sword. I'll speak with him on the morrow to arrange a meeting with him...Rodrigo."

((Found it. The Tribunals of Hermes: Iberia, p. 45. It's not named in the book. As far as Fédora knows, are all the Iberian covenants to have a Portal to Andorra, or are they all linked to each other with only one or two, or three, having links to Andorra? And is there anything similar in Normandy, or in Provençal? Relevant rolls would be Int 1 + Order of Hermes 4 (+1 if her specialization of House Mercere counts) + the die roll. So: total of 8for Iberia, a total of ) for Normandy, and a die roll of 0 (but not a botch), so 5 for Provençal.))

They never settled on an exact plan, which is why it has been so slow going. Barcelona was to serve as a hub, but they have not been too keen on that idea and have forced compromises and been forced to compromise. Andorra is not part of Iberia, but we used to have a link to Barcelona. Estancia Escarida is linked with Barcelona and Duresca. Duresca is linked with Campomartes and Doisettep up in Provencal. Provecal is not well networked either, but Normandy is.

There was talk of the Mercere themselves creating a network themselves for their own use, linking Andorra to a site in Iberia, Provencal, and Normandy, plus Harco. But so far that has not panned out.

After a moment, Fédora continues. [color=blue]"If you don't mind, I would like to take a few months to teach him at least the basics of Latin. I doubt that you speak Russian, and the only other language he speaks is a smattering of French that he picked up in Cunfin."

Who would Fédora speak with about such a plan, to see how far along it's come and whether it would be in our interest to work on something from our end, both into Iberia and into Normandy?

[color=blue]"I think we should first examine the damage that's been done to the Mercere property and to the covenant itself, and set workers to rebuilding everything they can before our cousins arrive. Even if we can't repair everything, they may be impressed by our dedication to the site.

"Next...look into the Portal network that they were thinking about in Iberia. If we can show the initiative to pick up the slack from our southern neighbors and get a network on the drawing board connecting Normandy, Iberia, and Andorra, that should also go over well."

Tiana smiles. "Of course you may do as you see fit," she replies in flawless Russian, "But it is unnecessary for the purposes of his education."

"Of course!" Tiana agrees excitedly. "If we spend the House's money on repairing the site before they discuss moving the facilities, it would be wasteful to withdraw after the investment has been made."

Does Tiana know of any magi who are capable of casting Hermes Portal?
2 Int + 4 OoH Lore + 3 = 9

Not any progress has been made, just what I outlined above. If Fedora is looking for someone specific to talk to about getting it going from our end, I suggest you bring it up to the Council.
Which reminds me, I need you guys to look over the Resolutions, let me know if you agree with them and/or what changes you suggest/insist. I would like to propose that one of you (or maybe both) serve in an Officer position as Herald.
Anyway, if you want the covenant to make portal treaties with other covenants, the council is the one to decide such things. We have a treaty with Barcelona, it is just that the old portal got torched. We need a new one.
And as far as damage to Mercere assets and property they lease, that is about it. The portal got torched. Lives were lost, but the property damage was mainly Dimir Taar's tower is rubble and the library tower was set ablaze (all of our lower strata books are gone, only the good stuff remains and it has some damage).
The Mercere Vault is secure, every pawn and coin and item accounted for. Vulcanus may have made mention of finding a vault within that vault. He and Carmen examined it a few seasons ago while you were both away on route work or something :smiley:
Now, knowing the spell gives you +15 to your Lab Total to enchant a portal. Who do you know that can cast it? Korvac of Mercere, one of the upcoming visitors. You also can get a copy of the lab text for the spell from Carles of Jerbiton in Barcelona. You think that one of the Barcelona Jerbiton magi might know how to cast it.

At the next Council meeting (Fédora may call one if there's not one scheduled in the near future), Fédora has a couple of things she would like the Council's approval on.

First is re-establishing the Portal that we have with Barcelona Covenant. Fédora would like to examine the compact that we have with Barcelona, for two reasons: one, to see who sets the rates and who gets the fees for use of the portal (is it set by the House, the covenant of departure, the covenant of arrival, or is it mandated by the compact? And is it split 50/50, all to either departing or arriving portal, split so much to Andorra and so much to Barcelona, or what?) And two, if it's reasonable enough, to use as a basis for compacts with other covenants in Iberia, Normandy, and Provençal.

[color=blue]"Also, I understand that the Mercere Vault had been examined some months ago, and was found to be surprisingly intact, although from what I hear some rather unusual items had been uncovered. Including one that, from what I've picked up from second- and third-hand reports, houses the spirit of one of my House-mates. I would love to know more about this, but someone is remarkably busy or otherwise unavailable every time I time I try to see him." Fédora looks meaningfully at Vulcanus as she says this last. [color=blue]"Would it be possible to get a report on that matter now that we're all together?"

Fédora will volunteer to serve as Herald.

Hermes Portal is a Ritual and thus cannot be placed into an item. "Effects matching those of Ritual spells may not be placed in any enchantment." p. 96 in the RAW.

"Certainly," Vulcanus nods distractedly. He stands and draws the Phoenix Sword out of its sheath, and nods to Rodrigo.

Hermes' Portal is the one that's a spell that has to be cast by two magi simultaneously at each end. Mercere's Portals are the ones that are a Extremely Top Secret of House Mercere, and are built as Invested Devices(Houses of Hermes: True Lineages, p. 100). I always get the two confused, and I haven't figured out a good mnemonic to help, yet. But I can see how you get the +15 Similar Spell bonus for knowing Hermes' Portal when enchanting a Mercere's Portal

((Does Fédora know Rodrigo, or know who he is by sight? Or would she have to wait for someone to tell her who he is? Int 1 + Order of Hermes Lore (House Mercere) 5 + die roll of 8 = 14.))

But Mercere Portal is the enchantment I speak of (refer too True Lineages)

A plume of vapir emits from the scabbard, coalescing into the form of Rodrigo when he was a young man, dressed in his Redcap outfit and wearing a hauberk of studded leather.
And so we meet again :slight_smile:

((awaiting reply to this before Fédora addresses Rodrigo.))

Yes, you instantly recognize him. And what you know of him is more myth than fact.
You know him to have been a mundane Redcap who spontaneously developed the Gift onde day (this much is true), that he is supposedly the reincarnation of Mercere with his Gift restored (that is just superstitious bs), that he quickly grew to be a powerful and wise wizard (all false, his Flambeau buddies helped to make him look good and the Mercere made sure he was well equipped, but he managed a few utility formulaics at best), that he sired many Gifted children after his transformation (not true, he has two sons, one Gifted and a member of House Jerbiton, the other mundane who rides with the Knights of Caltrava, both born before his Gift emerged), that he defeated the Malik Khyron al'Afrit (half true, Antonio of Flambeau beat him the first time around, Rodrigo trapped him in a brass bottle when they last faced off, and that he knew the secret to defeating twilight (not at all true and everyone knows this is a myth yet they perpetuate it, but then again he did accidentilly on purpose turn himself into a genie via experimentation).