converting an old adventure

I was trying to update an old adventure I had adapted for FS1 from Hong Kong Action Theatre and have run into an issue with the boss. He's a Transformed Dragonm and the Foe Schticks are not adequate to reproduce his abilities :frowning:

Then just write down whatever schticks you need him to do and make up the rules for them, maybe?

I don't think the 'Foe Schticks' is intended to be a comprehensive list. Anything you need you can add on your own to give a bad guy whatever color you need them to have.

Personally I hardly ever bother with foe schticks--even if I give them to my bad guys, I tend to overlook them in play because it's just more details to keep track of.

But if you need ones that aren't listed, you're welcome to make them up.