Converting Might

Quick question: How do you convert a creature with might from 4th edition to 5th edition. Are there any guidelines for how high the Might will be in 5th edition?


is it covered in the character converting section I've seen somewhere? If not just go with what feels right. With 50 might being an archangle/deamonlord/ancient dragon.

In fact, the Arch Angels have Might of 80+, Gabriel has as much as 100. :slight_smile:

But no Demon (except for Satan, I guess) can have more than 50 in Might.


But are there no official guidelines on how to convert Might from 4th to 5th edition? No rules or such? :confused:


Maybe it might be easier to just specify what creature you want to convert and perhaps list its characteristics as you have them from 4th ed and people can suggest changes?

Well, there are several creatures. Shouldn't there be possible to find a way to convert it based on how the rules for Penetration has changed?

In particular, I need to convert the Dragon and the Ghosts in the Beowulf section in Living Legends. :slight_smile:


hmm well the dragon listed in the example is similar to the Beowulf dragon I think. Use that as a template.

Ghosts would be mostly like the Ghostly Warder template I should think.

The Prime Minister of Hell, Astaroth, has been seen outside Hell, and has an Infernal Might of 75. But that's an exception. See the Infernal, p. 27.

I wouldn't be so concerned as to what a straight conversion would be. What I would be more concerned with is the actual Magic Might of the creature and how it fits into your saga. Maybe Ogres used to have a MM of 15 but for your saga it is appropriate to make their MM a 30, based upon the penetration your players have.

I do this all the time and it works fine. You just have to remember or write down the changes that you have made.

I agree 100% with Mouska.

here is a guideline from my old campaign...
When I converted my campaign from 4th to 5th, the characters had many infernal opponents.
I had to lower their Might, because of the new 5th ed. rules.

At the same time, I offered my player to "divide" their PeVi and ReVi (all spells that were in relation to a creature might) so that they were as about usefull in 5th edition than 4th.

Exemple: a PeVi spell: DeO of level 50 was very powerfull in 4th edition, as it could kill about any Demon, given high enough Casting Total.
In 5th, such a spell becomes much less usefull ! Given the new rules, the character would have not searched to learn such a high level spell in normal circumstances.
So I let the player choose 50 levels of similar spell, divided as they wanted. For a PeVi spell of 50 level, one choosed : one level 5, one level 15 and one level 30 (total = 50) to replace the previous 4th edition 50th level DeO.

All other things being equal, because of the new rules, it would have been appropriate to lessen the Might of all creatures by a 50%. But because the character can adapt to the new 5th edition rules, that would not be fitting.
So I lowered the old Might to about 75% of what they were.

This gave me those number, from 4th to 5th edition:
10 -> 10
20 -> 15
30 -> 25
40 -> 30
65 -> 50

It worked good for my campaign, your mileage may vary ^^