Convertion of old adventures to 5th edition

I will use lot's of pre-made adventures... and i want to know from more experienced players what things i must be carefull for consistency... Not only rules (i will remake the NPC's and creatures), but discrepancies in information....

For exemple: The core book (i think) says that the inner circle of the House Diedne fled and that maybe it is hidden somewhere... But in "The Tempest" is said that the inner circle of Diedne is dead...

Anything that you can point me out?

I will use:

Twelth Night
Midsummer's night dream
The Tempest
Pact os Pasquine
Dead legacy


Both are true, depending who you ask.

It's like any legend - the Powers want it one way, but fear another - and who knows? Besides, whatever is "commonly known" doesn't have to be the Truth of the matter - if Diedne did it right, everyone thinks they're long gone, but they're alive and well... somewhere...

The fact is that the moment your Saga starts, it will begin to diverge from canon, to create it's own storyline. And that's fine - in fact, it's generally accepted as unavoidable, and a necessity! Your story will develop based on your players and their actions. They may not be able to influence larger events (yet!), or maybe they can - but as Story Guide, some events may work better if "redefined" to fit your playstyle or the direction of your Saga.

Just as with houserules, the entire corpus of the canon world is not for everyone. Maybe there are still vampires in House Tremere, or maybe there are no (intelligent) vampires in your game world at all - whatever works best for you.

In short - don't worry too much about it. Read, understand the general direction, be faithful where it works - but don't be slavish, and certainly don't trade "faithfulness" for fun or value.

Here's something that's useful - but remember, even the "canon" is only one parallel universe:


thanks =)

This is actually some pretty cool stuff! I declare that I am officially swiping it!

My favorite part was...

My man Delendos!

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