Convocation of the Pontifici

(I just want to throw out that Solomon [and his player :stuck_out_tongue: ] have shown some interest in getting into the political side of things, and has some history negotiating with Barcelona [specifically on the portal network])

Solomon would be a welcome addition to the discussion. There will be a special private dinner tonight with Carmen & Pieto, inviting Vocis and Solomon to participate. Perhaps we should split this off into a new thread? It moved far away from the original intent of intoducing a new magus.
But not entirely.
There is talk of Fedora transferring to Yuvall's in Barcelona and Vulcanus relocating to Sa Dragonera. Which binds together these ideas with creating an opening at home for Antoine.

Doisettep and Aedes Mercurii are one and the same. Aedes Mercurii is the actual proper legal name. Doisettep is a nickname that evolved from the way the contraction of thems "Dorsum" and "Templum" are pronounced in their dialect of Occitan. It was a deliberate play on word. :mrgreen:

[tab][/tab]Carmen, as the (default) Pontifex Maximus, is entitled by tradition to call a special Convocation of the Pontifici. This may not seem like much since she is the only Pontifex, but Pontifici are allowed to invite outside participants. This essentially means she is able to hold closed meetings. Invitees include Pietro, Vocis, Solomon, and Fedora. It starts at noon, and both diver and supper are to be served through the course of the day.

To describe Pietro, imagine Vincent Price with long silver hair, crossed with the voice and eyes of Lee Van Cleef. He wears traditional Flambeau robes, black embroidered with silver symbols[sup]1[/sup]. These include the Flambeau hourglass, the symbols of Mars and Jupiter, the symbol for Auram, and others. He is a famous Archmagus, and anyone with an OoH Lore score of 2 or better will be familiar with his story. He was originally a Tytalus magus, and his Archmagus contest was to win his way into House Flambeau. He did so the old fashioned way, having to face and defeat seven Flambeau champions in magical combat. He won the day with mastered multicast lightning bolts. Since then he has renounced the teachings and philosophies of the Tytali. He is thoroughly dedicated to House Flambeau, and has had to work three times as hard to gain half the respect he is due. He has had to face certamen and wizard war just to earn a modicum of respect. But he did earn it from several important Flambeau magi: Antonio Perez, Flamarcus, Michael Agustus, Julius, Carmine wife of Andreu, and others. Amongst archmagi he is given the full prestige and reverence he is due, and they even made him the Antares (leader of their war council).
Again, he has totally rejected Tytalus philosophy and is quoted as saying they are a House of deranged lunatics. He is a dedicated Flambeau. However, the fact that Tytalus magi idolize him doesn't help. They cheerfully accept his condemnations with appreciation, and keep spreading the rumor that he succeeded in tricking the Flambeau. Pietro hates this. He vocally claims to hate House Tytalus, what they do to their magi and people they know. He makes a few exceptions, but totally disavows their philosophy. In fact, he even wrote his own annotated version of the Book of Instruction, deconstructing what he calls the "Madness of Tytalus", and encourages other Tytalus magi to try and break free from the cycle of abuse. This doesn't help either though.

[sub]1 Flambeau who like to adhere to old tradition wear ceremonial robes at formal functions; either red with gold embroidery, or black with silver.[/sub]

Am I to presume there is no interest in this?

(Sorry, I was out of town all weekend)

Solomon sits quietly and ponders as the introductions are made and the proposal is given. After slowing eating a pastry, he leans on his staff and stands up, "Archmagi, it is an honor to meet you both. Your proposal is intriguing, and I must confess that Andorra's independent status has been concerning to me in that there was no tribunal to 'protect us' should the need arise. I share our Pontifex's concerns over Val-Negra, although I must confess my ignorance on the matter beyond the standard rumors and legends. As for Barcelona, I believe there could be an opportunity there if we can demonstrate worthwhile gain for them. I have recently worked some diplomatic issues with them, so I do know how to work with them and with whom to speak.

As for the Balearics, I would prefer that to remain a chapter house of Andorra and, if possible, remove any connection to Barcelona as a part of the negotiations.

I know very little of Aedes Mercurii, so I can't offer a strong opinion there. If Barcelona proves untenable, there might be an option for us to consider Duresca. I once resided there, and still have many friends there."

(Does Solomon know what legal mechanisms would have to occur to 1)create a new tribunal and 2)for covenants to leave their current tribunals? He has Code of Hermes 5 with a specialty in Tribunal Procedures)

Solomon knows everything that you. the player, knows. My information may be accurate or may be faulty, so I am willing to be corrected.
AFAIK, all it takes is the agreement of twelve magi from four covenants. I suppose it needs ratification from the Grand Tribunal. I think. That may be a fifth edition deal. But I imagine provisional tribunal status would be easy to come by if all other qualifications are met and a Quaesitor ratifies it.
In Provencal and Iberia, both of which operate according to standard customs (unlike every other tribunal of the Order with strange unique rules), I think all that is needed to exit Tribunal is to stop showing up. Which is why Provencal has been unable to annex us.
The situation at Val-Negra is (mostly) as is written in Faith & Flame. What I wrote there is based on a story I once ran here. References are available here. None of those players are with us anymore, so we can feel free to change things to suit our needs and to line up with (what is now) Cannon Val-Negra.
But simple facts remain the same. During the Schism War, it was infiltrated by Diedne archmagi who burned the library and opened the Iron Door and broke the seal. They were all killed, and it took the combined might of two archmagi to reimprison the thing within and close it up. One magus remains, Abaddon of Tytalus, who stands eternal vigil guarding the place. To learn of current state of affairs and inquire about possible revival would require an expedition there.
Aedas Mercurri is Doisettep with another name. They were formed by other survivors of Val-Negra and consider themselves the true heirs to Flambeau's legacy. They believe the truth has been altered (this is also now Cannon).
Duresca would not likely participate or support this idea. They can be convinced, but they will probably not want to part from Iberia. They are also on the opposite side of Iberia from Barcelona. Barcelona is close by and will be easier to convince.

from core Rulebook p. 14
The one and only condition for a tribunal to be recognized is Grand Tribunal establishment of the Tribunal.

That makes no sense. I will have to look it up. It may be from ArM4, and if it is I am keeping it, but a regional Tribunal must also incorporate twelve magi from four different covenants as well as sanction from Grand Tribunal. Otherwise it is theoretically possible to create a Tribunal of a lone magus in a tower.

A regional tribunal meeting must include 12 magi from four covenants within the tribunal, but the boundaries of the tribunal are set forth by the Grand Tribunal.

That makes more sense :slight_smile:

You should check the Lion and the Lily, the part about the lotharingian tribunal. I believe it also repeats the 12 magi/4 covenants bit, but I may be wrong.

So what we need is...

  • Four Covenants
  • Twelve Magi
  • Ruling of the Grand Tribunal[list]
    []Need to get it brought up to the next GT

I agree, particularly in regards to Barcelona. As I mentioned to Pietro previously, the Sa Dragonera agreement places us in a good position from which to influence them on the matter. I'm willing to join you in the Andorra delegation. We may face more than diplomatic challenges, though. I've heard rumors of a significant Hermetic criminal element at work in Barcelona. Apparently everything from black market enchantments to murder by magic can be had for the right price. If we're going to bring them into a new tribunal, we'd need to ensure the streets were cleaned up first, so to speak. Carmen, do you think Pere would be willing to assist in this endeavor?

I disagree here, but I'm willing to be convinced. My opinion is that Sa Dragonera possesses the necessary resources to support a true covenant, given sufficient time and effort to make the island itself inhabitable. I also feel that converting the chapterhouse to a covenant gives us another ready-made ally in our pursuit of this new tribunal. What are your reasons for maintaining it in its current status?

That would certainly add a legal validation to the whole enterprise, but do you think they'd be willing to do participate in something this radical?

After a dramatically long pause, Pietro speaks.
We have several options before us. And ideas that are ready to burst forth. But we cannot do everything altogether all at once. It is like a game of chess. All the pieces must be put in place in sequence.
The first is Bellaquin. Your former leaders in days distant past offered to shelter and protect them, an emergency agreement now activated. What we have is a covenant leasing space inside another covenant. I want to work out how the two of you are going to get along. Antonio and I both swore an oath to Valgravian to protect and preserve Bellaquin. An Oath amongst Archmagi is not to be taken lightly.

As the first of many items to consider, what resources did Antonio sign over to them as part of the arrangement? Is it simply the lacunae and regio and nothing more? Do they still have access to whatever vis sources they originally claimed in Provencal?

Solomon nods, "Well, for one, it gives us a larger number of covenant members, and thus more votes at a tribunal. Secondly, it gives us control of what we at least expect to be a large supply of vis and a rather strong magical aura. Finally, with their various sanctums spread as they are across the Balearics, with no central covenant around which to form an Aegis, it would leave them extremely vulnerable. As it is now they are vulnerable, however they can always retreat here to the safety of the covenant if that becomes necessary."

Valgravian answers Vocis with a smile. Simple use and occupancy of the town of Andorra la Vella. All of our legal holdings and investments are registered in Provencal, as is our covenant charter.
I forget the exact terms of the lease. But we pay a few rooks per year and gave you one of our Imaginem resources as a deposit.

Does a copy of this lease exist? This conversation would be much simpler if we had the document as a starting point.

In game, yes.In reality, I never wrote one up. Valgravian has a copy of it and is willing to renegotiate terms. Three points to be/have been established. The lease is for 99 years (from 121? when it was signed), Bellaquin pays something like 30 pawns assorted vis, and they signed over rights to an Imaginem vis source (of a yet undefined nature) that yeilds about 8 pawns a year. They also agree to vote against any motion before Provencal Tribunal regarding absorbtion or annexation of our covenant into their legal system. So that's four things :slight_smile:

Then it sounds as if Bellaquin can maintain its own magical resources without interfering with those claimed by Andorra. What about monetary income? Valgravian, do your holdings provide sufficient silver to maintain the covenant? Carmen, will the presence of the Bellaquin magi in La Vella interfere with Andorra's income?