To: Lady Cygna
From: Hiems

Dear lady cygna

It feels quite awkward, to write to you like this, but I told you I'd do it, so here I am.
I know concern for the others is foremost on your mind, so let me reassure you. I am fine. I am left with the hope that you will be, too. I trust this tribunal will allow you to see again old friends from your time here, and that you'll enjoy their company.

That being said, I have something to ask from you. The trial of Adorjan is soon to come, and I feel it my duty, both to the order, and to you, to participate in the vote. And should worse come to worst, I would like to stand at your side, although I am sure the tribunal will recognize your innocence. But I do not want to make you feel ill at ease by my presence, though, nor do I want to cause you any pain. Which is why I'm asking for your permission on this.

Regards, and very best wishes

Dear Hiems,

Thank you for the letter, and for the concerns. I am pleased that you wish to participate in Tribunal – I was concerned that you would not have the time or the inclination to do so. I am looking forward to spending time with my families at Tribunal, as I (to my shame) have not made the time to see them as I had hoped I would on my return.

I pray that the Tribunal will ratify Justinius's findings of ten years ago, but I stand ready to accept their judgment if not.

I do ask one boon of you, though. I have often heard you speak of how you feel yourself a monster. It is quite likely, though, that the truth about me will be revealed through my testimony, and you will see what a true monster is. I only ask that, when you see that I am ten times the monster that you believe yourself to be, that you can find it in your heart to forgive me for all that I have done, even though I do not deserve it.

I pray that you and your lady love are happy and healthy and that you both remain so.

Ever your friend


To: Lady Cygna
From: Hiems

Dear Lady

I understand your concerns, but let me assure you: Despite all my previous failings, there is still some shred of decency within me. Or maybe it is, then again, simple egoticism: Should I let you down again in a moment of need, should my vote fail you if you were accused, I wouldn't be able to bear the sight of me.
Whatever the reason, I don't think I'll participate much in the tribunal, but, since you allow me to, I will be there for you, and do whatever I can to stand by you.

Nonetheless, and although one can never predict where a flock of magi will go, I don't think you will be marched, or found guilty of much. I don't know the details, but if a march was declared wrongly, one cannot accuse you for slaying a Marched magus. The one guilty should be the Quaesitor, with you at worst being fooled by him. Anyway, I sure hope you'll fare well. I don't know what happened to you or what you did, but whatever your past, you are a good person today, and the order would lose much should it rid yourself of you.

Which should answer your last question. I have known you for years now and, whatever your past, you never gave me any reason not to be happy and proud to be your friend. Whatever you did, whatever shameful secret you might have, I know you enough to understand that you regret it immensely, and would never do it a second time. Whatever monster you may have been, it is long dead now, and from its corpse rose a wise and strong maga I have no reason to condemn, and thus no reason to forgive.
Oh, and just for the record. You, asking me to forgive you? Well, this is the first time I've heard you say something foolish, and so laughable also. You never did anything wrong to me. I did, to you.

Ever trusting you,


To: Caecilius doctrinae Bonisagi ab Durenmare
From: Tektonius doctrinae Bonisagi ab Gallus Florensis

Dearest pater,

It is with some sadness that I must inform you that I have been denied tenure at Oxford. Given this unfortunate series of events, and the domination of Cambridge by Schola Pythagoranis I found myself in need of joining a covenant to maintain a livelihood. So, at the Stonehenge Tribunal I joined myself with Gallus Florensis. When I came to retrieve my lab, you were unavailable so I leave this letter.

While at Tribunal a charge was leveled at some of my covenant mates for something that they had done in the past. Stellaluna leveled a charge of diabolism at some of my sodales. I doubt this, but am concerned. It is also my understanding, or it was at least alleged that you wished to discuss this matter with some of the magi. Is this true? If so, I can, at your request, provide you an arcane connection to a nearby locale. Since I am not part of the Aegis ritual currently in effect, I cannot invite you into the Aegis, but I believe we can find one who would be able to do so. As you may have heard, Phillupus Niger's filius Valten was involved in this incident, but his behavior is odd. Valten's behavior at the Wizard Melee portion of the tournament was appalling, and while he was within legal right to kill Sinmore Flambonis, it was clearly against the spirit of the contest. This has more the appearance of a grudge, but my skills at investigation are meager compared to yours. Attravere, a magical Mercere indicated his pater was later found passed away going through that same regio.

((The letter goes on to discuss some elements of Magic Theory, as it relates to Intellego effects.))

Your grandfilius,

From: Caesius Lupus, amicus Caecilius scholae Bonisagus
Durenmar, Germania

To: Tektonius filius Methuselah scholae Bonisagus
Gallus Florensis, Britannia

Dear Nephew,

I took the liberty of reading your letter to my magus. He has been at Fengheld for weeks investigating the murder of Horst Merceris and thus it is unknown when he might be here to reply personally.

I have acquired an enchanted quill, which has an Intellego Imaginem effect to sense the sound of my voice, and a Rego Terram effect directing the quill to write down my words. It is a bloody genius device! Those Verditii... what will they come up with next?

Caecilius says he would like to speak with anyone involved in the demon's release, but it will be some time before he anticipates being prepared to venture forth to Britannia, as there is too much work to do here. He wanted to delegate a Quaesitor of Stonehenge to cover any clues left behind in the demon's resting place, but he has found Iudicium to be singularly uninterested in cooperating. I suspect it may be political in nature-- some friction between Magvillus' Inner and Outer Councils. He says to thank you for the offer of the Arcane Connection, but he will likely be delegating Jart's filius, Tabanus, to Stonehenge (THAT will go over well with Blackthorn, I bet!), and (I quote), "The upstart can negotiate with those pennypinching accountants for his own passage through the Hermes Portal." Heh.

Valten has always been a pest. Do you know that he once destroyed all the fur on my tail? He passed it off as some kind of magical accident, but I could smell the deceit and malice on him.

I must sign off this letter now. We have a visitor from Crintera who apparently has some news for Caecilius. I have been overworked, when do I get a rest?

I hope that this missive finds you well. Clean kills and choice cuts to you, nephew.


To: Jonaquil Merinitae
Libellus, Stonhenge
From: Tektonius scholae Bonisagi
Gallus Florensis, Stonehenge

I had heard at Tribunal that you were seeking a new longevity ritual for your mater, Eirlys. I had previously been engaged by Sophia Tremeris regarding her ritual, but her House has recalled her to Coeris, and our agreement was to do the ritual at Gallus Florensis. I have since settled in here and am now prepared to do another longevity ritual. If your mater is still in need, I may be able to assist. I can create a LR for someone as old as 80 years old[1]. Beyond that, I'm unable to assist.

I would prefer to work here at Gallus Florensis as the aura is distinctly beneficial to creating longevity rituals and allows me to make it a bit more powerful. Without assistance I can make an ritual of 13 magnitudes, with an extra pawn of vis pushing it to 14 magnitudes.


[1] If the LR ritual specialty allows using 2 more pawns of vis that goes to 90 years old.

((Letter sent soon after Cygna's arrival at Schola Pythagoranis))

To: Stellaluna schola Bjornaeris

From: Cygna schola Bjornaeris

Salve, sodalis. I write to you today, hoping to come to a better understanding of an unfortunate altercation between you and my new sodales of Gallus Florensis about a year and a half ago. My sodales have related the events of that day, to the best of their recollection. And yet, I am not satisfied that their recollection accurately reflects the events as they truly occurred.

I would very much like to hear from you what truly happened that day, not only their unfortunate and regrettable actions in disrupting your nobly intended actions, but events leading up to and following the incident.

I am a guest of the covenant of Schola Pythagoranis until at least mid-September, at which time I hope to return to my home in Gallus Florensis. If you would be so kind as to reply to me here and either let me know what happened, or to arrange a tête-à-tête so that I may hear from your own lips the true sequence of events, I would be most grateful.


Katerina Cygna filia Gruis doctrinae Bjornaeris Iracundiae ab Gallus Florensis

To: Cygna Bjornaeris
Care of: Schola Pythagoranis, Britannia

From: Stellaluna Bjornaeris
Peregrinator, Britannia


I have told the Quaesitores all I know on the matter, and then some. You are likely aware that I value my privacy.

I understand that you've had your own problems with demons, and the scrutiny upon your new covenant may affect you due to your past, regardless of your innocence in this matter. Therefore I have come to the difficult decision of honouring your request.

I have instructed the Redcap bearing this missive to direct you to my location upon your request. Note that if he requires any compensation for his time I am not responsible for it.

--Stellaluna Bjornaeris

To: Stellaluna schola Bjornaeris

From: Cygna schola Bjornaeris

Dear Stellaluna:

Thank you very much for your helping me to understand a rather confusing situation. I will be sure to let you know in advance when I plan to visit, so that we can arrange a mutually convenient meeting.


Cygna Bjornaeris.

((She's not going to try to visit until she's done at Schola. So...probably mid Autumn sometime, depending on what happens with this Tabanus jabroni.))