Covenant Design

Not sure exactly how much leeway JM will give me with the spell's capacity for re-engineering, but if this is strictly a limitation by volume, then possibly we could even make Cygna's one room wide and three rooms tall, above ground, with a wider basement for support, and a crenelated balcony roof (strong offensive position).

While this is being RP'd as Viscaria's efforts, the end effect is she's offering to let each of you design a dedicated building for your sanctum, a central building for a kitchen and Feast Hall, and then extra buildings once we actually pick a location.

What else do we need and where do we put it? Since they are 3-room long huts with basement space, you could make one room your lab, another room your bedroom, and then make the third room something for the covenant at large, possibly one which is thematically related to your character (Eg, Viscaria's 1st floor rooms will be craft workshops, basement will be craft storage, and then she's going to excavate further down for her subterranean lab.)

If Hiems and Viscaria both want underground labs, should they save time, energy, etc and excavate out from underneath a single building?

If Cygna decides she wants a short 3-story tower with a wide basement (and JM rules that my spell can make it), does she want all three stories and the basement as part of her sanctum, or maybe have the 1st floor be some other public space? A library?

Maybe make Serrano's front-room some kind of negotiation room? With circle spells that let us converse with any creature regardless of language barrier?

Hermetic Magic cannot do this , afaik.
Their is one faerie-blooded party member who could take Faerie Speech though.
(If he wasnt being all Emo that is) :wink:

Don't need to. You have Cygna. Cygna has Thoughts Within Babble formulaically...although upon re-reading, it doesn't let her speak the language, merely understand it.

Which is probably just as well...I'm not sure Cygna would be the best choice for covenant negotiator (Gentle Gift nothwithstanding).

Shouldn't you then be able to make a Ring/Circle version of Thoughts Within Babble that lets anyone inside the circle be able to comprehend languages?

Once we have the a'dam on her , it won't be an issue.
Damane , Wheel of Time.

Once we get at least a 0 Quality lab up, probably two seasons. Current InMe lab total (for inventing spells) is 27, +5 for the Aura, +5 for already knowing [/i]Thoughts Within Babble[/i], for a final Lab Total of 37. +1 magnitude to go from R: Personal to Touch, +1 from D: Concentration to Ring, and -2 to go from T: Group to Circle. So, final level is the same. If I experiment, with Exceptional Risk +3, I can theoretically invent the new spell in one season (if I roll 10 on the simple die).
Sample die roll (unofficial, since this is just for funsies) gave me an 8 on the bonus to my lab total, and a 1-3=6+3=9 on the Experimentation: Extraordinary Results chart, which is Special or Story Event. Which could blow monkey chunks...the one time I remember that coming up in my last game, we lost quite a few grogs to a demonic invasion.

TL;DR: Yep, it's possible.

If we can set up even a Quality 0 Lab in two seasons , i will be very surprised.
At no stage , in all our years of apprenticeship , would we ever have set-up a Lab from nothing.
Should be a definite increase of Ease Factor for Magic Theory to do so.
No character has high enough Arts to create all that we need for a Lab , imho.

Yep. Times like this, I'm definitely getting a Gilligan's Island vibe to this thing.

We should have enough Mythic Coconuts and Bamboo Tech to build a decent lab or three :laughing:

Based on info from Covenants, you can maintain labs for free with five of the following 6types of craftsmen : glass-blower, goldsmith, silversmith, lapidary (craft:stone) mechanic, tool maker. Further, Viscaria's craft:glass total means that she can provide the Superior Equipment virtue.

Seems to me that between her Glass and Stone crafts, and Serrano's ReHe craft magic, we should be able to set up labs, though they might require rolls on the Experimentation chart every time you use them.

As the Finesse Roll for crafting anything other than clothing is 07 + Stress Die ,
and Labs need Superior Quality equipment , it may take a while.

Two useful sponts , using the guidelines in Covenants , page 50/51
CrAn Base 02: Preserve a corpse from decay
CrHe Base 02: Preserve a dead plant from decay

The Unspoiled Roast , CrAn level 05
R: Touch , D: Ring , T: Circle
Keeps any deceased animal munchies from going off.
Base 02 , +01 Touch , +02 Ring

The Unspoiled Larder , CrHe level 05
R: Touch , D: Ring , T: Circle
Keeps any fruit , veggies or herbs at their initial freshness.
Base 02 , +01 Touch , +02 Ring

Longevity Rituals , page 101
+01 bonus for every five points or fraction of Creo Corpus Lab Total.

Magus: Creo + Corpus + Int + Magic Theory + Aura
Vi: 04 + 04 + 03 + 05 + 05 = 21
Cy: 06 + 03 + 04 + 03 + 05 = 21
Hi: 05 + 05 + 02 + 03 + 05 = 20
Be: _0 + _0 + 02 + 04 + 05 = 11
He: 10 + 03 + 04 + 03 + 05 = 25
Se: 01 + 04 + 01 + 03 + 05 = 14

Not counting Specializations , Inventive Genius , Experimentation and Lab Assistance.
Those with Faerie Blood need worry less than others.
I'm hoping that the [b]Healthy Feature/b minor site boon is available to us.
We will not be at the normal Covenant Living Standard of +01 for a while i suspect.

Viscaria has a Difficult Longevity Ritual, to make things more complicated.