Covenant development discussions

Emericus has Rock of Viscid Clay (15) and Supple Iron and Rigid Rope (10). realize they are not lab text but they could be. I am guessing that each of us will spend a season making lab texts of the spells we know for the Covenant.

Indeed checking your scribe specialty you've got 60 lvls

In this case I could go for simple Version 3, with Maintaining the Demanding Spell.

Library updated.

Now, have you decided on what the covenant's source of income will be? Just assume that your magi have that discussion in character during the first meeting, as it requires some preparations. This affects the kind of mundanes that will travel with you, or that will be hired locally.

Proposal were :

  • Bee hive for candles

  • Beer related : Celt brewery site in the regio, magical Yeast or hops.

  • Glass

Anything else ?

So, what does the troupe feel should be the Art (or Arts) of this vis source?

human-looking bones would be either Corpus or Animal, but...

Most likely corporem or animal; Could be Terram or Muto considering It's bone fused with rocks (or It's simply fossils ?)

Could be animalem or corporem at random depending on the kind of bone that falls ?

That sounds reasonable, either Animal or Corpus, and we're never sure each time until it's checked. Speaking of checking, we'll have to make sure it's checked regularly.

That is the reason the source was not harvested after the original covenant disbanded -- you have to live there to be able to harvest it. So yes, there will need to be a routine to check the source.

As for the Art, what would you like it to be?

Corpus would be most useful and tradeable.

I agree.

Well If the physical nature of the source isn't taken into account, Isn't creo even more versatile and tradable than corporem ?

Yes, it certainly is. It works for healing and longevity just as well as Corpus. But as Technique vis, it has twice the potential utility, so it is necessarily worth a little more. For some odd reason, House Mercere counts it as double canonically, even though we know this is not true practically.

If speaking only of versatility, I believe that Vim is the highest. Longevity, familiar, enchantments, talisman and more regularly the Aegis.

Sure, you can extract it in the lab, but in exchange for the highest currency of all for magi: time. How much is a lost season worth?

Yes, Vim is very versatile, though Familiars isn't correct. The Technique and Form of the vis much match the bond's Technique and Form, so Technique vis is twice as likely to apply as Vim vis, though Vim is certainly a commonly available option for a bond.

Vim: Longevity, Aegis of the Hearth, preparing for enchantment, Items of Quality, other general stuff
Corpus: Longevity, healing, Characteristic improvement, other general stuff
Creo: Longevity, healing, twice as much Characteristic improvement, twice as much other general stuff

So I would say Vim is a bit more useful than Corpus (Note: I find Lesser Enchanted Devices preferable to Greater Enchanted Devices except with Talismans.). It's more balanced between Vim and Creo.

However, House Mercere canonically will give you 1 Vim or 1 Corpus or 1 of any other Form for that matter for 1 Creo, while you need 2 Vim or 2 Corpus to get 1 of any other Form, so Bitter's "tradable" part certainly wins out there.

The two things covenants always need is Corpus vis (longevity rituals, healing) - we are young magi, so within a decade we'll probably all want to spend some Creo, Corpus and another form on a ritual each; and Vim vis (annual expenditure on the Aegis, enchanted items, etc.)

My personal preference would be Corpus to fit with the bone theme, but if we don't know where the Rego or Vim vis for the Aegis is coming from, we need to find a source before anywhere becomes worth settling.

Question: Do you want to keep roleplaying the preparations? I had not initially intended to, but if you want to I have no problem with it.

Well I don't mind roleplaying the preparation but as It's quite slow paced I'd rather dig into more action or intrigue.

I'll just try to keep pace with preparations. I think I'm still ahead in time, which is why I wasn't rushing.