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Do you really want to put the brewery inside the regio? There will be frequent comings and goings as supplies are brought in and barrels shipped out. Putting aside the extra work of carrying all of these into the caves, that means anyone observing the daily business of the brewery would be alerted to the existence of the caves. Which means the regio, as there is no way to not notice that the shallow cave is empty.

Beyond being the covenant's source of income, the brewery can serve as a mundane cover for why people travel to and from the top of the mountain.

Is the Regio in the Cave? Is so then we might want to build and out building for the brewery. I would not mind the brewery being in the Aura.

Remember the topic about the visit of the site? The top of the mountain (where the brewery is supposed to be built) has a small magical aura (+2).

On the side of the mountain, inside of that aura, there is a shallow cave (about 10' in width and depth) that is the entrance to the regio.

The regio itself is a natural tunnel that leads to the natural cave (with the pool that is a vis source), as well as the spiral tunnel and rooms dug out by the previous covenant. The regio itself has a stronger magical aura (+4).

Initially I thought I'd be interested in either B, C or D. As far as I understand they're virtually the same.

However, I'm somewhat tempted to select F as Basil's sanctum, to keep the scheme of one wizard per level going.

So, I think F will be my choice.

Note that the "levels" are just a mind construct. The corridor circling the rooms slopes down continuously, so each room is lower than the previous one. Each complete revolution is 5 paces deeper underground.

By taking room F, you are the immediate neighbour to Emericus (upslope) and the library (downslope). You are also half a revolution from the stairs, thus having the farthest to walk to reach the surface.

That being said, the new rooms are also a bit more comfortable and easier to configure, since they are rectangular instead of circular.

Now, what else do we need to do before starting play? Do you want to at least name the mundanes who work for you? Stat out the grogs? Map out the surface buildings?

I asked the question but it was never settled. Preferences where leaning towards Corpus, Creo or Vim.

But I think I will use the source as a story element. As play starts, the bones harvested so far will have yielded some Animal (3 small bones each worth 1 pawn), Corpus (1 pawn) and Vim (a single bone worth 2 pawns).

While keeping watch for new bones to surface, one of the grogs found an old broken knife...

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Sorry. Been busy at work. I'll try to get the vis sources up today

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