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Question: Do you want to keep roleplaying the preparations? I had not initially intended to, but if you want to I have no problem with it.

Well I don't mind roleplaying the preparation but as It's quite slow paced I'd rather dig into more action or intrigue.

I'll just try to keep pace with preparations. I think I'm still ahead in time, which is why I wasn't rushing.

I'd like to get to visiting the site as soon as possible.

I will start a parallel thread. Which of the magi were going?

I'm in.

Borealis was definitely going.

I see a week will have passed. I'll do those spells. I could send some stuff along if people want, but the stuff isn't as useful without me being there.

Emericus is not going.

I have updated the library with the Quality of the books each of the magi obtained. The determination was randomized, with some average scores, some that are a bit lower and one exceptional quality book.

I will soon start fleshing put the books provided by Durenmar.

Ok, based on the proposal for relaunching the saga, what did the magi do in the 6 months leading to the current situation?

What kind of infrastructure was built? Mundanes hired? Contacts established?

Or anything else you want to have done. :smile:

I will need some time to familiarize myself with my character :slight_smile:

I had made a merchant companion for Emericus. Does not look like he was posted. Do you want it posted to Emericus' sheet or make a new one ( Alberic)

As a companion, he deserves his own topic.

Please make a Character post for him. i can't create new topics. Alberic - Merchant companion Emerericus


Anything? :hourglass_flowing_sand:

Borealis will have tried to get laboratory equipment shipped out as soon as possible (as a Bonisagus, he can't help but be enthusiastic about labs). He will have got enough wood and nails brought so that housing above ground can be built, and enough barrels, barley and hops to set up the first batch of beer to brew. Hopefully a couple of mundanes can be hired to ship supplies from the local town and deal with traders.

In the six months, you can have the brewery built and the mundanes to operate it at work. The mundanes (a pair of brewers, a cooper with his apprentice and a teamster) can be recruited either locally or from Hermetic circles. Each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages:

  • Locally: They have contacts in the neighbouring towns, but are not aware that the owners are magi.
  • Hermetic circles: They are aware that the owners are magi and value their privacy, but will have to build contacts with the locals.

Your choice! :slight_smile:

I'd prefer ones from Hermetic circles - given the skills of the magi, it's easier to start with hirelings who know about magi and leave them to build local contacts rather than have us try to deal with locals and not have them freak out.

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