Covenant Development

I'm assuming these are shared, not dedicated to each young magus, as it makes more sense.

But I wonder still. How many magi do we have really? Sounds like a whole bunch!

I have (in my own mind at least) believed to set up lab in my darling Corentin's manor :slight_smile: within the Aura (And Aegis), but not in any of the conjured towers. I take it this is acceptable ?

That is perfectly acceptable. The stone towers (I just decided there are three of them) are there for mundane defense, storage, and double as junor magi sancta. There is space for three magical labs per tower, although there are usually only 5-8 junor magi in residence.

For most of the coventnat history there ahve been at least 6 magi in residence, at times as many as 15. Usually the number hovers around 10. As of the last of your Gauntlets, there are 13.

Just as a note, I'm dedicating roughly one season in 12 to writing a book to add to our library, like a good Bonisagus. These will likely be Tractatus and Commentaries. In addition, those of us engaged in Correspondence should keep track of the topic(s) being discussed, as about 2 years' worth of Correspondence on the same subject also produce a book (Tractatus equivalent).

Although I haven't run through the full numbers, by the time I'm done my advancements, my magus should be adding approximately 15 books written of his own accord, and another 20 books in Magic Theory as a result of letter-writing. The nice thing is, after a while, all those letters can act as a 'research aid', per the Library rules in Covenants.