Covenant Discussion

Thank you!
Hopefully this will help me spend my allotted points.

Agreed, more or less.
I think I'll just spend the points to get Ultor (from HoH: S) though.

Which is actually 'low Vis' :wink:
I plan to buy spend ore points on Vis sources (I will need Vis to spend).
However, I generally favour having a wide spread of Vis sources, rather than consolidating.

When listed like that, we have quite a library for a Spring covenant. I'm not too worried about that, as some of us have several years of experience already, and we do get gifts from other covenants in the tribunal. I'm thinking about changing a couple items I listed, just to diversify.

Arthur, I was thinking about taking a lab improvement (communal as well as personal) if possible, but I could not find any build point conversions. How did you determine that the Extensive Stores was worth 10 bp? Is there anything else in particular that we would want for the shared lab?

I'll also fix the bp total for Aedituus. The 220 was an accident. :blush:

What's Ultor? I browsed through HoH:S but didn't find it.

Well, we are in the Rhine Tribunal, where the Great Library is accessible. So it makes sense that covenants have easier acces to books in order to build their libraries.

Covenants quotes the following prices for labs:

  • Extra labs: 50 bps each;
  • Non-standard lab: [list][*]Size x 20 bps;
  • Major Virtue: 20 bps;
  • Minor Virtue: 10 bps
    Note that we currently have extra space for sancta and labs, but no extra lab as such. So any visitor would be without a lab.

In theory, we should pay the shared lab -- 50 for the extra lab, plus 60 to 100 pbs for its size (+3 if only using ground floor space, +5 if using the balcony).

No problem! :smiley:

Arthur, I re-added my points, and I get 175 for the library, not 185, so I think I am okay.

I'll pull back two volumes of the Magic Theory Tractatus, and add one on Finesse and one on Penetration; the idea is still a three volume set.

Actually, I think it was my fault. When I initially added your section, I did so by copy-pasting mine, where there was a Q10 tractatus that I forgot to remove. I later removed it, but forgot to recalculate the total.

Updating both the by-character and by-type posts.

Just a thought, but...

Where do all of these Q10 and Q11 tractatus come from? Remember that tractatus quality is Com +6 (with another +3 for Good Teacher). So either there's a lot of Com +4 people out there, or many Com +1 Good Teachers. I would expect to generally see a lot of Q6 to Q9 tractatus, with a few Q11 to Q14 ones.

...just saying. :wink:

Or they could be degraded copies of original works. Retired copies from the Great Library... We would just need to (for my anal retentiveness) establish the original quality... And I wouldn't be averse to having some stories that we go back and correct/repair a tractatus (a few, not all) up to original source quality.

HoH: S, p. 9, box.
Summa on Penetration (L5, Q11) by the second apprentice of Flambeau. A classic. :slight_smile:

Added to both lists. If you decide to swap it out when you finalize your build points, I'll remove it. :slight_smile:

I signed up for Obsidian Portal a little while ago, so would you like me to add some stuff on it? Like the build points, boons and hooks, maps... I assume you need to authorize me or something (my sign-in is "Arthur210").

Note that unfortunately that site won't be accessible to me from work, so that will limit my ability to update stuff. As previously mentioned, I would have preferred a plainer wiki like Referata (which is not blocked). But I can certainly live with O.P. so if you still want to use it that's perfectly fine.

I am okay with either direction. I have a 4ed character slug for my OP campaign, located here, if that is helpful.

We can host this wherever. I have an ascendant membership at Obsidian Portal, so I wanted to use that. My main point of issue is that I don't want to have to set up a wiki somewhere else. I'll use one, but someone needs to set it up if Obsidian Portal is too much of a hassle for others.

I can set up a Referate wiki if you want. It doesn't take much time and it support Semantic MediaWiki (which makes searching easier).

That sounds fine.

I'm going to highjack the chamberlain and personal teacher with two of my own concepts... Those belonged to Kelloppy, so I don't think it is an issue.

Laurent will be our chamberlain, recommended by Henri De Tours.
Luca, is a local boy enamored of Praxiteles and his Art. His father is a glass maker, who recently relocated to the area since the beech trees in this area have restored themselves, and their previous location had exhausted its supply of birch.
Sophronia will be a loremistress, brought from Thebes by Praxiteles, indeed everyone else will be Greek, and so learning the local language will be key to a large contingent of people upon arriving.
Demetrius fancies starting a vineyard, but couldn't find backing in Thebes. His production efforts have been stellar, but his quantities have been minuscule. He will be preparing wines for the covenant, only, but they will be spectacular.
Leon, as his name implies is as brave as a lion and was given to Praxiteles as a shield grog. Unfortunately, Praxiteles is adept at avoiding situations calling for combat, and the two have found that they share a love of good food and wine and seek to outdo the other.
Monica is the personal cook and maid for Praxiteles and Ailips. She is beautiful and shy, a brilliant cook but humble. Visiting Jerbiton will attempt to steal her away from Praxiteles...

The wiki has been created:

The build points have been posted here:

I will contact each of you by private message to let you know your username and initial password. Once you log in, you'll be able to change your password and add additional information (such as email address for password reset). As a default username, I will use your board name from here. If you'd prefer something else and cannot change it yourself, let me know.

Adding the one-liner descriptions to the "Specialists / Grogs / Covenfolks" table of content (first post of the thread).

I've sent out usernames and temporary passwords to each via private message. If you didn't get one, just let me know.

I've also started copying information from this thread to the wiki, as well as my magus, and I've created a bare-bone outline for each magus. Feel free to add more stuff, that's what a wiki is for! :slight_smile:

Do we need to initiate some deadlines of when we want "play" to begin? I have been, perhaps, a bit lax in this area.

I'd like to hear from everyone on this particular issue by next week. If I don't hear anything, I think we need to presume that a lack of a response is an implicit "I'm out." Consider that this is more of a story/writing exercise than a game. The game aspect is going to shape our choices and we're going to write expository pieces about things we think are interesting. I think I was clear on this when I cast my InMe so long ago. It took a while to find my voice for Praxiteles, partly because I had to find other voices since I was intent on him being Greek.

I'm in.
Next week is fine for starting.