Covenant Discussion

I'll start building a page on the wiki to summerize the income and expenditures for the covenant.

Edit: The new page is up on the wiki.

I don't know where my head is these days, but I got mixed up again. Petronius still has a Terram summa (L20Q8) in his personal build points. It has not been removed during my last review of the build points. (That why we write these things down!)

So you're fine to change your 25 bp Terram summa for something else if you want.

Actually, I have a story for the Rego summa, which I hope to post soon, but the Level and Quality are probably too high given the details of the story. So I am rearranging my build points a little bit:

Rego Summa: Level 18, Quality 8 = 26 bp (-4)
Auram Summa: Level 10, Quality 9 = 19 bp (-8)
Mentem Summa: Level 15, Quality 9 = 24 bp (-1)
Terram Summa: Level 15, Quality 8 = 23 bp (-2)
Terram vis source for 3 pawns = 15 bp (+15)

I am also going to move the Rego Summa to Aedituus' private stock, and move the Enigmatic Wisdom Summa out. To account for the difference in levels, I will also drop the Dominion Lore tractatus to Quality 8. This gives me three more bp for the Library, so I thought I would add to vis stocks to represent some of a possible gift from one of the other covenants. But then, I remembered JL's prohibition on purchasing stocks with bp, so I will need to spend those bp elsewhere. I'll think about this a bit before making any modifications here or on Referata.

Regarding the library, should I add (to the wiki) the lab texts of spells known by the magi? Each player should let me know if there are spells that they would want to share.

Presumably we'd have to write them out for legibility

I assume what Jonathan wrote here still applies:

This would be the kind of things being discussed in the current thread, or at least as soon as approval for the new covenant is received during Tribunal.

My mistake - had forgotten about about that.

By all means, let's add them right away!

Each magus' personal spells have been added to the library. They are each grouped under a virtual book named "(magus name) Lab Texts", so it will be easy to update each magus' contributions to the library if spells change or new spells are added by that character to the library.

At some point I'm going to have to build a metacreator file for the covenant (for use when advancing Titus).
Would anyone like a copy of that file? I can't promise that it'll be kept up to the minute, but I doubt it'll fall too far behind.

I took the liberty of filling in the 2 spells from the HoH books that had somehow wound up without a page of their own.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I just don't have those books in PDF format, so couldn't access those during the day.

I see you've also added Titus to the wiki. :slight_smile:

I don't have MetaCreator, so the point is moot for me.

You'll notice I included an "Availability" field for the library, so that we can indicate the year and season at which any new book or lab text become available. That will help us sort out what we can use whenever we study, since we will probably not be synchronized.

That was kinda why I was asking - if I'm the only one using it, it would likely get done on a "as needed" basis

excellent idea!

I've added a draft of the covenant's charter on the wiki. I started with the standard one showed in Covenants, but added and modified some sections to reflect the specificities of the Rhint Tribunal and what was previously discussed for this covenant.

Take a look and let me know of any changes or corrections that might be required.

I assume that those items would be discussed by the magi in the current thread, and some more after the formation of the covenant has bee approved by the Tribunal.

Arthur, thanks for the Charter.

Is the intent of the status of Protected Guest to have peregrinatores approved by a Council member? I notice that there is no mention of the Protected Guest under the "Rights" or "Responsibilities" sections.

In the section on "Censure", Probationary Members can be demoted to Protected Guest. Does this mean that one Council member must agree to be their sponsor? In that case, could their status not be revoked by the single member rather than the Council vote?

I have a couple of suggestions:
The disceptator should be exempt from some or all of the responsibilities, as he will need to be present for all the meetings for the seven years.
A quorum of the council should be 1/2 plus one of the members. If not, then it would be possible (if we had a probationary member) for a quorum to consist of two full members and one probationary member, and a majority vote would be one member and one probationary member.
Should a vote for censure be passed on a vote by a majority of the covenant members, not just a majority of those present? Or maybe even a unanimous vote of the full members, excepting a full member who may be censured?

Actually, the Protected Guest status is mostly for short-term visitors, with few privileges boyend hospitality. No library access, no lab, no support from covenfolk and specialists. That hospitality is free.

Peregrinators would be covered by the Honored Guest status and require the formal invitation of the council (thus a majority vote of those present). That gives library access and support from covenfolk and specialists, as well as optional access to a lab. This is in exchange for a fee in vis or services.

Should I clarify this in the charter?

We can assume that if a member is willing to be the sponsor, it won't be to yank that away on a whim. And nothing prevents the guest from finding another sponsor. But in the case of a demotion, I would assume that the demoted member can remain as long as the council of members is not in favor of withdrawing guest status. And remember that Protected Guest does not have acces to the library, no share of vis, and technically no rights to a lab.

In any case, censure is for severe offense: "contravening the decisions of the council, by vote or by charter". Considering that the responsbilities are fairly light, and decisions of the council cannot force a member to do something against his/her will, this would mean someone acting against the interests of the covenant.

Yes, there is additional work, but it also comes with additional power.

And the responsibilities of a member are fairly light, namely:

  • Attending Council meetings, particularly those of the solstices and equinoxes
  • Safeguarding, maintaining and harvesting of the covenant’s claimed resources (vis sources, income, employees), for no more than a week of low-risk effort per season
  • Perform one season of covenant work every seven years (with remuneration)

The rest is strictly on a volounteer basis, and is renumerated.

So what should we exempt him from? The last one might be a possibility.

Probationary member are members. They may have a smaller weight in votes, but that's all.

I've seen examples of councils frozen into inaction because they couldn't get a quorum, or a majority vote, on important issues. Could there be abuses? Sure. The magi will have to deal with that. But for now I think they're relatively idealistic and naive. :laughing:

The things I would add are: a statement regarding the confirmation of probationary members (requiring an absolute majority of full members approving), and a special status for full members who disappear (so as not to impact future votes).

Majority vote of all members (not just those present at the meeting) sounds good. If you ask for an unanimous vote, you cannot get a censure if a full member is missing.

Note that Petronius will eventually go with the underground sanctum. That will be when he actually sets up his own lab (I put his plans for this on the wiki). In the meantime he would inhabit one of the guest quarters on the ground floor.

At the beginning of the saga, he will try to use the shared lab as much as possible. Considering he's the one who will do the initial set up (2 seasons' worth of work), he will claim first dibs for the first 2 seasons he needs a lab (not necessarily the first two seasons of the saga). Afterwards, he will apply for its use whenever no one else does.

On a different topic, I've updated the charter to integrate Archimedes' comments, as per my previous response.

I have considered grapping sanctum #5 for Titus - he's small and not too worried about having a small room to sleep in.

Noted on the wiki. :slight_smile:

Just because:

There's an element around the main building, appearantly supported by pillars.

Is this asort of roof? angled or horizontal? wooden? Slate?

Yes, it's described on the wiki as follow: "Around the front and sides of the hall is a columned gallery."

It looks very much like the original temple, although the main hall is larger. My guess is that the whole building would be roofed with some form of tiles.