Covenant discussion

Regarding our covenant I do not know if people here have the book "Hermetic Projects". In it there is a whole chapter about how build an hermetic shipyard. Maybe we should look into that direction for our covenant (I'm not saying we have to copy/paste the book of course).
If we're settling on an island and may have to navigate on others islands or further maybe this could be an idea.

What do you think ?

Sure! That book is full of good ideas.

Thanks for the explanation of loyalty, it sounds like it does more or less what I assumed it does.

Hermetic Projects is another book I don't have, but I really like the idea of a big project for us to focus the covenant on, especially after we've sorted out the basics of establishing a permanent site.

I do love long-term strategic play.

To be fair, though, shouldn't we first try to get to Thebes for the Tribunal? Assuming we can even leave.

At least we know our home covenant will come looking for us if we don't show up.


You are currently in the black sea, and could wind up in any of the bordering tribunals (Novgorod, Transylvania, or Thebes) or outside the existing tribunals. The current opinion seems to favor Novgorod. Please note it is 1224, so the mongols are already there...

In real world history, the Mongols won a massive victory over the Rus in 1223, then retreated back East for some reason and didn't return for more than ten years. Rather than banding together and preparing for their inevitable return, which would have been the smart thing to do, the Rus tribes fell right back into infighting.

That's where we might be able to change things.

If the Mongols don't bring heavy duty mystic support we can roll them easy. Maybe even get the Order to go "legit".
If they did bring mystical support we need to figure out what realm first.
Divine? Yeah, no.
Faerie? We'll need to be careful, but they can't grant magic resistance. We can still murder them.
Magical? We can integrate the Hedgies. And by integrate, I mean murder/mind-control, steal their texts and items and force them to reveal their secrets!
Infernal? We won't know if they have that or not. So we fire our Demon's Eternal Oblivion's at everything!