Covenant entry requirements?

I was thinking of having requirements to become a full member of the covenant my players are ending up at. (to get story moving and it seemed logical enough.)

I was thinking
-must have constructed or bargined to have construced a labratory/sanctuary
-must have made it to the second level of the regio

I can't really think of any more. maby a vis donation or writing a book. The book would make sense because it demonstrates mastery in your field.

Any one have any ideas for requirements/have them in your saga? or think this is an awful idea?

A common requirement is having given a certain number of seasons in service to the covenant (vis extraction, writing or copying books, creating items, etc.)

This is often formulated as living X years in the covenant and providing Y seasons of service during that time. Usually, this is also conditional to the approval of the current members. Going to harvest vis or to deal with neighbours (mundanes or not) at the covenant's request during those years can earn you brownie points on this last part.

Right, fetching McGuffins and such :wink:

You can make membership a strict hiearchy as well, with additional things required of members to improve their ranking.

Regular service to the covenant for X number of years(1 season per Y years), write or procure X number of tractati of at least Y quality, write a summae of at least X level and Y quality, providing X number of useful items for the covenant, improve relationship with a nearby VIP or get a specific concession or right from such a person.

Something of that there are, but to a request for the covenants chiefs, and there are search of specialist too. All depnds in the stories and the story of Characters + the Covenant background.

The simplest requirement is that each magus has to convince a majority of the current members that they should be allowed to join. Usually, the more magi that are at a covenant, the less silver and vis is available per magi. Why would the current members be better off if the player character magi were at the covenant than if they were not? Why would they be better off if a group of magi join, all at once? For game reasons, you probably want the covenant to take on three or four new player character magi all at once. That suggests to me that the covenant made a special recruiting effort to encourage new magi to join. Why is that the case? Once you know that, you can fit your requirements around that.

For instance, suppose that the covenant has a contest with a faerie lord, where every summer solstice, they have to come to his dining table and whatever they carry away with them has vis in it, but they have music playing which forces the character to dance. Only those with sufficient magic resistance can avoid dancing. There is also a single faerie who trys to physically snatch the items away. Thus, any magi with sufficient magic resistance and health probably result in the covenant gaining more vis on a per magi basis. A crippled magus would not help getting vis, and a magus with a weakness to Corpus magic could be forced to dance, dancing into the other magi, slowing them down. In those circumstances, magic resistance and not being lame is important and would be tested for.

Or perhaps they need extra votes at tribunal. In which case, being able to vote at the direction of the covenant (not being a starting Tremere) is probably important.

I am sure you have your own reasons for why the covenant is recruiting magi.