Covenant info

IIRC, some of the listed books were stolen, but I can't remember which ones. Max?

Justus had spoken and said:

...[color=red]the following books where missing, Defence against the magus malediction, Obliteration, a summae on the destruction of entities and Domination over the elements, minds and bodies in your surroundings. The most worrying thing is that our summae on Parma Magica is missing.

No summae left to study from. Hmmmm... what sort of enemies does Justus have? Or what group doesn't want this covenant to get off the ground?

More on the summae details (highlighted)


[stolen]• Defence against the magus malediction by Felix Ignis Ex Flambeau,
Parma magica, L 6 Q 12

[stolen]• Obliteration, a summae on the destruction of entities, by Varro
Ex Tytalus, Perdo, L 15 Q 15.

[stolen]• Domination over the elements, minds and bodies in your
surroundings, by Marcus Valerius Ex Verditius, L 20 Q 10

Covenant Morale (While I have covenants open)
6 magi (1 Blatant gift, 2 GIfts, 3 gentle gifts ) 165/6 = base of -27 pts that gives a base loyalty of -2 (That means Mariella is singlehandely worth -1 loyatly to the covenant if you got rid of her it would drop to -12 )
We have been a covenant for a year to 2 pts familiarity
Assuming a presence of 0 are Grog captian , Steward and chmaberlain are worth +15
gives us -10
are pay and equipment are average thats no modifer
living condition is +1
gives us 0
I would rate the Public healing we did as about +9 , and I don't think we have earned any negatives as the punishments have all been for mundane crimes and were not out of proportion
gives us a net +9 or a loyalty score of 1 (Rising to 2 if you ditch Mariella)

So, to be sure, with Hedwig's imprisonment, pending execution and lair discovered. Are all books found, returned and in similar shape as before?

Yes the library is restored. :smiley:

What ability, form or technique does the following summae teach? Penetration, perhaps?:

Domination over the elements, minds and bodies in your surroundings, by
Marcus Valerius Ex Verditius, L 20 Q 10

As far as I am aware Rego. A penetration Text of this level would be amazing and unique to rasie a skill to level 20

Oooh, yeah. Now that you say it, Rego sounds more applicable.

If the book was a book on Penetration I think Mariella would have married it. A penetration skill of 20 could be really useful

Yes, it is THE rego summa. The one edwig stole... :imp:

Summary of the covenant

Ad fons is a covenant situated in the deep forests of Pomerania. The covenant is a exquisite crafted manor house with a beautiful garden surrounding it. The garden is surrounded by a stone wall, not enough to withstand a full scale assault by a professional force of soldiers but it provides protection from brigands and animals. Near the manor house on the other side of the wall lies a pond whose water supply comes out of the ground. The pond is the covenants main supply of vis and prolongs the life of its denizens. Other vis are gathered from the surrounding forest by grogs with a standing order to collect a strange items the find in the forrest. Surrounding the covenant is a village that lives on both supplying the magi and working the forest around them, pig herding is one of the major incomes of the community. On a nearby natural hill stand a small tower surrounded by a wall, an eerie retreat for the people of the covenant in times of need. The tower is fenced in by a low stone wall, only measuring six feet of the ground.

Resident of the covenant
• 7 magi
• 7 shield grogs
• 7 specialists
• 11 servants
• 7 teamsters

• Turb captain, leadership 5
• Steward, profession steward 5
• Chamberlain, profession chamberlain 5
• Illuminator, profession illuminator 6
• Scribe, profession scribe 6
• Book binder, profession book binder 6
• Latin teacher, com +1 teaching 5, Latin 6

• Edifice. A grand manor hall containing seven laboratories, a library and a council chamber which is surrounded by a well tended garden.
• Seclusion
• Vis grant
• Missile weapon
• Small tower
• Healthy feature (the pond next to the covenant)

• Tribunal border
• Hedge tradition (major)

• Mannor house
• Democracy
• Hunters

• 100 pounds from pig herding, forestry and hunting.

Vis income
• Aquam 8
• Vim 6
• Animal 4
• Herbam 4
• Terram 3
• Creo 3
• Buildings 9,4
• Consumables 14,8
• Inflation 0 at the moment
• Laboratories 7
• Provisions 37
• Tithes 0 at the moment
• Wages 14,8 + 7(extra payment for grogs)
• Weapons and armour 3
• Writing materials 9
• Pound of Enumerus 1
• Latin school 10 (half writing materials half upkeep for students)
• Militia 0

Total 113

Cost saving
• 13 pounds from craftsmen

Balance between income and expenditure: 0 pounds

Weapons and armour: All shield grogs and the turb captain are armed with long swords, heather shields and short bows and are clad in full chain mail armour.

16 Heather shields
16 Pole arms
16 suits of heavy leather
10 short bows
12 long spears
3 maces
70 pounds of silver

Library (all titles are in Latin but I choose to write the in English for simplicity)
• The creation of magic’s, Tractatus Q 11 Creo
• Reflections on detection , Tractatus Q 11 Intellego
• The ever changing nature of things, Tractatus Q 11 Muto
• Discrete destruction, , Tractatus Q 11 Perdo
• Mind over matter, a magus reflections upon Rego magic, Tractatus Q 11 Rego
• The apprentices primer of Animal, Tractatus Q 6, Animal
• The apprentices primer of Auram, Tractatus Q 6, Auram
• The apprentices primer of Aquam, Tractatus Q 6, Aquam
• The apprentices primer of Corpus, Tractatus Q 6, Corpus
• The apprentices primer of Herbam, Tractatus Q 6, Herbam
• The apprentices primer of Ignem, Tractatus Q 6, Ignem
• The apprentices primer of Imaginem, Tractatus Q 6, Imaginem
• The apprentices primer of Mentem, Tractatus Q 6, Mentem
• The apprentices primer of Terram, Tractatus Q 6, Terram
• The apprentices primer of Vim, Tractatus Q 6, Vim
• Defence against the magus malediction by Felix Ignis Ex Flambeau, Parma magica, L 6 Q 12
• Obliteration, a summae on the destruction of entities, by Varro Ex Tytalus, Perdo, L 15 Q 15.
• Domination over the elements, minds and bodies in your surroundings, by Marcus Valerius Ex Verditius, L 20 Q 10
• Growth and health Vol. 1, by Marcus Ex Bonisagus, Creo, Q 12
• Growth and health Vol. 2, by Marcus Ex Bonisagus, Creo, Q 11
• Growth and health Vol. 3, by Marcus Ex Bonisagus, Creo, Q 10
• Ways of the Stone, by Boris Ex Miscellanea, Terram, Q 11
• Application of Muto Vim magic’s Vol. 1, By Minerva Ex Merinita, Vim, Q 12
• Application of Muto Vim magic’s Vol. 2, By Minerva Ex Merinita, Muto, Q 11
• Uses for stone and other fruits of the mountain in the magus laboratory, by Boris Ex Miscellanea, Magic Theory, Q 10
• Flesh and bone, a magus approach, by Henri de Tours, Corpus, Q 12
• The apprentices primer of Creo, Tractatus Q 6, Creo
• The apprentices primer of Intellego, Tractatus Q 6, Intellego
• The apprentices primer of Muto, Tractatus Q 6, Muto
• The apprentices primer of Perdo, Tractatus Q 6, Perdo
• The apprentices primer of rego, Tractatus Q 6, Rego
• What can be learned from studying hedge magic’s? A hermetic perspective and reflections upon non hermetic magic. By Justus Felix child of Pralix, Magic theory, Q 13
• Mentam Summae level 15 Quality 12
• Corpus Tractatii Quality 10
• Vim Tractatii Quality 10
• Magic theory Tractatii Quality 12
• “Similarities and discrepancies on the understanding of magic. A comparison between hermetic and non hermetic understanding on the true nature of magic”, Tractatus on Vim, Q 13

Lab texts on spells
• The Unseen Porter (ReTe 10)
• Sap the Griffin's Strength (PeVi 05)
• Dreadful Bane of the Fae (PeVi 05)
• Demon's Eternal Oblivion (PeVi 05)
• Trackless Step (ReTe 10)
• Pit of the Gaping Earth (PeTe 15)
• Obsidian Wall (CrTe 20)
• Obsidian Dagger (Cr(Re)Te 10
• Panic of the Trembling Heart Long CrMe20 (Voice Range)
• Wizard's Silver Mine CrTe20
• By His Works CrMe5
• Aura of Ennobled Presence MuIm10
• Unseen Arm ReTe5
• Words of Unbroken Silence CrMe10
• Posing the Silent Question CrMe20
• Wizard's Sidestep ReIm10
• Casting tablet of Aegis of the hearth, ReVi 25
• Aegis of the hearth, ReVi 25
• Pillum of fire, CrIg 20
• Veil of invisibility, PeIm 20
• The chirurgeon’s healing touch, CrCo 20
• Bind wound, CrCo 10
• Cloak of the duck’s feather, ReAq 5
• Wizards Communion MuVi 20
• Chamber of Spring Breezes CrAu5
• Lifting the Dangling Puppet ReCo 15
• Lamp without Flame CrIg 10
• Wind of Mundane Silence PeVi20
• Demon's Eternal Oblivion PeVi15
• Flaws of the Weapon smith PeTe 25
• Obliteration of the Metallic barrier PeTe 20
• Purification of the Festering wounds CrCo 20
• Restoration of the mangled body CrCo 25
• Warmth of the hearth CrIg 15

Magic aura: 3

All labs that are located within the manor house have the following hooks and boons. At the start of the game all laboratories are in the covenant building.

Superior construction (of the building)
Size -1

For individual- magis labs se the text above.

Claimed by Tyrion, who buys a bed.

After a season of work, the Free Flaw animals is gone, and the place has half of a Greater Feature/Focus: Forge installed (does that count as a Lesser Feature/Focus?)

Superior Construction(+0), +1 Safety, +1 Aesthetics
Lesser Feature(+1): +1 Aesthetics, +1 Items (1 season of Greater)
Missing equipment(-1) Longevity Rituals and Teaching, -1 Upkeep
Lesser Focus (-1): -1 General, +2 Items (1 season of Greater)

Size -1
Upkeep -1
Aesth +2

Safety +1

General -1
Items + 3