Covenant Wealth Excel Document

I'm thinking about putting together an excel document to calculate the Covenant expeditures based on the Wealth & Poverty chapter in the Covenants book.

But before I do that I thought I would check to see that no one else has already constructed one. Anyone else created one?

While I haven't created one, note that Metacreator's Covenant add-on privdes for this. Just saying.


Thanks Yair. However, unless I've missed something, that's a $45 dollar route (more than the Covenants book itself) since I don't already own Metacreator or the Ars Magica 5th edition Metacreator Template.

But I appreciate the suggestion nonetheless.

Does Metacreator offer any regular sales that I should be aware of? I like their product, but feel that I would not use the application often enough to justify the current $30 purchase price.

Yes, it's a hefty price. I am afraid I'm not aware of any sales, sorry.

I think an excel sheet would be very helpfull. I love the covenants book, but sometimes the paper work can be a real headache! So, have at it I say.

Are we permitted to upload files to the board? Or are only external links allowed?

I'm afraid the boards don't include the option of post attachments. Only external links are available.


Actually, I didn't have to create my own documents. Mark Lawford was kind enough to send me the excel documents he had created for just this purpose. In the interest of sharing his hard work with others, I've posted them on my server with his permission.

Covenant Sheet

Laboratory Sheet

Hope they help (I haven't actually tried to use them yet).

Thanks for the nice thingies!

While you're welcome to use the excel sheets I have to stress that the best option by far is to buy the metacreator ars magica templates. A brilliant app that makes Ars bookkeeping really easy.

But, if you're not ready for that, I hope the sheets are okay for you.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

BTW, I did once made a character spreadsheet that I use [slightly modified] to manage my maga's seasonal activities in one game. Just in case anyone is interested. [The above link is for OpenOffice, character spreadsheet is an Excel-comaptible version.] Nothing as fancy as the spreadsheets above, but it adds up XP gains and raw vis flows, and keeps a nice handy record of my seasonal activities.