Covenants & Buildings

For a saga using the Wealth & Poverty rules from Covenants, are there rules for adding structures? I can’t seem to find any.

Specifically, we are considering building a castle. We currently have a Manor House, and are thinking about tearing it down and erecting a defensible castle in its place. We have the money, and we may even have the authority. There doesn’t seem to be any guidelines in the rules for expanding. Am I missing them? Does anyone here have suggestion on prices and costs? (We are actually quite able to creating the castle hermetically, but suspect the sudden appearance of a large, expensive castle might raise questions we don’t want to answer.)

(And tangentally, can anyone recommend a good and preferably on-line source of period castle foor plans?)

Page 71 of Covenants suggests 100 L for a tower and 1000L for a castle. Other medieval building prices can be found here.

Just as an aside, if you live in France, there is a neat law that demands that all villages contribute to the upkeep of the nearest fortification, in labour.

Free labour force, providing you have permission to have the building there. So not only your peasants but all other villages nearer to you than to the next castle.

I'm sure we have prices for castles in there...I think it is 1000 pounds multiplied by Quality, which varies from 1 to 10. Although, that's a -small-castle. Beaumaris cost something like 300 000 pounds. Build time is determined by height, I hope.

Ah, yes. I have it now.

Castles are 1000 pounds, multiplied by quality.

The rate at which you build is one floor or ten feet per year. You may double this rate by spending 50% extra for the finished building. This is page 70 middle column. The price list is on the unmarked page 71, adjoining.

So would a tower keep count as a small castle or large tower? Or something.

(The cost = points of inhabitants is, I think, the most useful guideline here, by the way, so that's probably what we'll end up using... adjusted for war-princes, I'm sure.)

If its up to 4 stories high, with 2 rooms per story, then its a small tower (p. 12). If it is bigger than this you buy it as a tower keep, which does require the Castle Flaw. The description on page 15 gives the biggest ones in England in period by way of comparison. If you want to go even bigger than those, you need Magical Fortress or Superior Engineering instead.

In terms of paying, sure, pay for it as a big tower if you are just getting the keep. You pay for it as a dinky castle if you are also having the outbuildings, crennelated walk, small gate tower and ditches decribed in page 15.

Yes, that should work. For example, a standard (wooden) building (or buildings) to house 100 pts of people would cost L 100. For a sturdy, stone castle, I'd apply the Excellent Quality multiplier (x5), taking it to L 500.

Alternatively, you could start with a standard stone castle (L 1000) and apply any relevant Quality/Size multipliers. I would tentatively suggest that such a standard castle is equivalent to a building for 100 pts of people with x5 (Excellent, for the building materials) and x2 (Large, for the fortifications).