Covenants: Governance Boons and Hooks

I know the book is just freshly out and very few have it, but...

Can anyone make heads or tails of the "table" in the upper right of page 31? It's a total hash, near as I can see. (This is the most serious of the many editing errors I've found through to page 36. The main rules and Divine books seemed to me to be much less error-prone.)

Um. That's not as clearly laid out as it might be...

You can work it out, by starting from the names of the styles of governance and starting a new column when you have two Boon or Hook names that are not separated by a comma, but... No. Not ideal.

Sorry about that.

That's my bad. Sorry. That text obviously didn't get converted to a table as it was supposed to.

By way of explanation but not excuse, my wife and I had our baby two weeks early, right in the middle of the last few days of preparing Covenants for press, and I had to hand the last few days of work over to John at the last minute. Not ideal, obviously. (And also why the book didn't quite make its January release, incidentally.)

This is a pretty good company. I mean, did anyone ever get personal apologies from Gary Gygax when a D&D supplement had a typo?


Congrats BTW!

Thanks for the "Up front info"..