Covenants -- starting power levels?

I absolutely fall into fits of drool over the "Covenants" supplement. It's just so wonderful.

However, the one thing that puzzles me is deciding on the basic power level. It seems like such a HUGE range to choose from, and even the guidelines are pretty vague.

As a starting point, has anyone done a conversion of 4th ed. " Nigrasaxa " into 5th ed.? What power level does that winter covenant have, as given?
I played in that covenant, and thought the power level was appropriate for starting players, so I'd like to design something with a similar power level.

Thanks in advance,

OK, the question's a bit nebulous, which is why the usual suspects have not just waded in.

What do you -want-?

What stories do you want to tell?

What level of fantasy do you want?

That's the first step. "Like Nigrasaxa" is no good as a tool to help you. Like Nigrasaxa in the sense that its is recently leaderless? In a tribunal with poor enforcement that is now being ramped up so that skeletons come out of closets? Small? Spring/Summer? Low fantasy?

Thanks Timothy. I'll attempt to clarify.

First off, I must admit that when it comes to covenant design, I only did it once. A 4th edition spring covenant. So I'm quite the novice.

In 4th edition, I really liked the hard numbers in covenant design. You picked the season, which then basically gave you the power level. In 5th edition, it seems that you could have a 300pt Spring covenant or a 300pt Autumn covenant ... just depends on the desires of the troupe. This seems a little too vague to me. But maybe I'm missing something.

I'm about to design a winter covenant, and before wasting time doing it by trial and error, I thought I'd get some feedback.

Boons and Hooks I've got under control. It's just the library/magic items/etc. that doesn't seem to have any hard and fast rule. But maybe I'm missing something.

Winter covenant, with a similar library to that in Nigra Saxa. Is there a recommended power level?

(I think I might have answered my own question here. Add up the power level in the Nigra Saxa handout, and apply the same power level to this new winter covenant. Yes?)

Well. Please let me know if I'm wrong....

Not quite, because the spell lavels for your magic items and books will have changed, but, sure, if that works for you, go for it. Personally, I'd want more of the cool toys, but I tend to run a higher fantasy game than David's troupe does.

This clears it up greatly for me Timothy. Thanks for the reply.

Good luck with your protential PbP.