Cr/Ig spell issue

So I thought I had this spell made well enough but then I ran into a moment of doubt. It is concentration, if it is multicasted is there a issue of each wasp targeting different targets? Basically as I see it, if multicasted, then say you multi two times.... then three wasps would attack the same ten target yes? You couldn't denote thirty targets, though you could denote five or three or one...

Here is spell:

Swarm of Wrathful Flames
Creo/Ignem/Animal (free)

level: 35

base: 10, R: Voice, D: Conc, T: Group


Developed as a means to scatter a large group of enemies, attacking a general area with flames, Bardas developed a spell that creates ten wasps of fire at a time. These wasps are ten times larger than the creatures they mimic and are made entirely of flame, each individually doing +10 points of damage every round for as long as the caster concentrates. Upon casting, the swarm focuses on ten distinct targets, determined by the caster, and fly out stinging the target with a burst of flame.

Side note, if all ten attacked one target I reasoned that each would not deliver the +10 damage yes? Each target can only receive the +10 damage once per round. (except for multicasting of course, then they would get +10 per spell)

Thanks for the coversation

This looks rather like a concentration issue while targeting and maintaining multiple spells (ArM5 p.82).

If a magus masters a multi-target spell for Multiple Casting (p. 87) which needs maintaining by concentration, first the "storyguide can further penalize or prohibit multiple casting that is especially difficult" in his judgement. Here already multicasting this spell can be ruled out completely.
Then at least every two minutes the magus must do several Hard (12)+ Concentration rolls to maintain the multicast spells and keep them on their targets, and that way becomes very susceptible to further distractions.

I reckon that every troupe will find a method for specific application of these rules, if a PC magus regularly attempts to multicast something like Swarm of Wrathful Flames.


Could you give use your level calculation?
It doesn't add up to 35 for me.

And yes, I know that's not what you were asking about.

I think that Ranulf from MoH had a similar spell. I would check it.

For starters, you do not need the animal requisite since it is purely cosmetic. It needs a Rego requisite for further control, though.

Basically it is a Group target fireball that can change the target every round for the duration of the spell. Nice effect actually. It has lots of uses (exploring a large cavern, for example, setting a village on fire jumping from roof to roof or as deterrent to attack making it swirl around you or your party) and the fear/awe factor is really high.

So i would say base 4, +2 voice, +2 group, +1 concentration, +1 rego requisite. Level 30 all in all.

That's what I got as well.
Including the necessity of the Rego requisite.

I went with base: 10, R: Voice +2, D: Conc +1, T: Group +2.

I only added the Animal as it was purely cosmetic.

Originally I considered two ways of doing the spell as a "fire and forget" spell... so that concentration issues would not require targeting but simply keeping the spell active.

One was to add a actual Animal requisite to give the flaming wasps the instincts of angry wasps... the problem being they might attack anything without the Rego... so it gets overly huge and complicated.

Then I thought to give the spell a Intellego requ. possibly fixing the issue of focusing on targets... but I ALWAYS screw up Intellego requ when I add them.

So the Rego should work best but that leaves the spell with a heavy concentration roll.

Any thoughts?

CrIg is extra efficient for causing damage, so +10 damage with CrIg is base 5.
Animal requisite is ... not need I'd say. Would've been in 4th though, but it's purely cosmetic, so never mind it.

As others have mentioned, I think you'll need a Rego requisite though.